Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:  “Growing Great People”


–     We believe teaching is the heart of what we do.

–     We believe every child can learn.

–     We educate the whole child.

–     We believe in meeting students’ social and emotional needs so

      they are ready to learn.

–     We believe diversity strengthens our school community.

–     We believe we have a collective responsibility for student


–     We believe early childhood programs build the foundation for

      school and life success.

–     We believe in giving each student the hope, confidence, and

       skills to fulfill their highest potential.

–      We believe our schools — the center of our community —

       should build partnerships between families, volunteers, students,

      and staff.

2015-2017 School Board Goals/Continuous Improvement Plan

  1. The district will have systems in place to support schools’ activities and processes to educate families on opportunities to be involved in the school and at home to support student learning.
  2. The district will promote and support school environments that demonstrate cultural proficiency and integrate cultural values that represent the students and community.
  3. The district will have a balanced assessment system aligned to the district curricula which include formative, interim and summative measures that are rigorous and cognitively demanding.