Frequently Asked Questions

Board Meeting Information

We welcome you to join us at any regular meeting of your Gladstone School District Board of Directors!

You, as a taxpayer, are a stakeholder in a school district and community that values education. We seek your involvement in our schools to help us build on the vitality, strengths and achievements that make Gladstone a great school district.

Please consider this your opportunity to share your views with your School Board members and to stay abreast of all of the exciting initiatives underway.

As elected officials, the School Board represents you. We want to hear your thoughts and comments to help us make decisions which will reflect the needs and values of the community. We welcome your input whether it is oral or written.

It is a privilege to serve in a community that recognizes the importance of education.

Please remember to place your cell phone on “silence” status.

Where does the Board meet?

The Gladstone School Board generally meets in the Gladstone School District Office located at 17789 Webster Rd., unless otherwise announced.

When does the Board meet?

The regular meetings of the Board are held at 6:30 p.m. on the 2 nd Wednesday of the month, including summer months. Some months the Board may meet on an alternate night or at a different time when there is a conflict with the regular schedule.

What does the Board do in an executive session?

During an executive session, the Board may discuss confidential matters such as personnel negotiations, student discipline issues (when it pertains to a specific student) and the sale or purchase of property (ORS 192.660). Board members do not make decisions or vote in executive sessions.

What is the Board’s role?

The seven member School Board is responsible for providing an educational program for the District’s students.

The primary job of the Board is to set district policy and establish planning priorities to provide a basis for administrative actions. The Board is not responsible for the day-to- day operation of the District. The Board is, however, responsible for hiring the Superintendent, who is in turn, responsible for carrying out Board decisions, providing educational leadership, and managing the District’s budget and staff.

School Board members are elected officials and serve without pay. They do not have offices in school district buildings but must be residents of the District.

How can I speak to the Board?

Anyone can speak at a Board meeting during public participation. Citizens are generally asked to make their remarks during that time. The Board follows an agenda to cover all of the business it must deal with at each meeting. Sometimes this means the Board chairperson must limit public communication so everyone may have a chance to speak. A protocol has been established to allow open communication with citizens while maintaining orderly and efficient Board meetings:

  1. A visitor may be recognized by the Chair by rising, identifying himself/ herself with his/her full name and address, and stating his/her purpose for appearing.
  2. A group of visitors with a common purpose will designate a spokesperson to speak for the group. All printed materials submitted to the School Board must be in original content.
  3. Anyone wishing to address the Board on any item may do so during the public comments section of the agenda. The Board reserves the right to delay discussion of any item presented to later in the meeting or at a subsequent meeting. So the Board can give thoughtful responses, questions to the Board need to be submitted in writing.
  4. Discussion or presentation concerning a published agenda item is limited to its designated place on the agenda.
  5. At the discretion of the Chair, when meetings are large or controversial, anyone wishing to speak before the Board, either as an individual or as a member of a group, on any agenda item or other topic, may do so by providing information to the Board secretary on a sign-in sheet prior to the meeting. This will help the Chair provide adequate time for each agenda item.
  6. Statements by members of the public should be concise and will be limited to three (3) minutes.
  7. Speakers may offer objective criticism of school operations and programs but the Board will not hear complaints concerning specific school personnel. The Chair will direct the visitor to the appropriate means for Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.
  8. These procedures will be published on the back of every Board meeting agenda.

If you have a copy of your comments in writing, the Board would be happy to receive it.Please also provide a copy for the Board secretary; your written comments will beretained permanently with the Board meeting minutes which are also posted to this site assoon as they are approved.

Why don’t Board members answer questions from citizens at Board meetings or ask me questions when I speak?

Lack of response at the time you make comments does not indicate lack of interest. The Board will listen carefully to your input and later gather information about the issues you are raising. Occasionally, the Board may ask you clarifying questions to make sure we understand your viewpoint. In almost all cases, the Board, or designee, will respond to your testimony and will fully consider your viewpoint before taking action. We believe it is critical that responses to questions be thorough and accurate; therefore, as a rule, the Board will not respond to questions immediately. A response will be provided at a later time, once there has been an opportunity for proper investigation and/or consideration.

Are there other ways I can express my views?

There are many ways to express your views. Speaking at a Board meeting is only one of them. You may also:

  • Call, write or e-mail a Board member;
  • Talk to a Board member or administrator following the Board meeting or during a break;
  • Call the superintendent’s office at (503) 655 2777
  • Write or e-mail the superintendent.

Remember, the Board is not responsible for the day-to-day operation of the schools. When you have questions about district operations, you may often find you can get your questions answered by contacting the District administrators. They will be happy to help you get the information you are seeking without waiting for a School Board meeting.

Contact Information:

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