Automated Phone Call Opt-Out

The Gladstone School District uses an automated communication system called School Connects to deliver messages to parents. Usually messages are sent via email by this system; however, on the occasion when messages are needing rapid delivery an autodial phone system may be utilized.

Automated phone calls may notify you of snow days or unexpected school bus delays, last minute cancellations, important school events (e.g. parent conferences), or other school announcements.

To opt out of automated school phone calls, please complete this form by listing your correct phone number, checking the box to indicate your desire to opt-out of autodial calls, and signing on the line indicated for parents or guardian signature. Please return the form to your school secretary.

Please note: if you opt-out of receiving auto dial calls, you WILL still receive email messages and phone calls regarding attendance and emergencies.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 503.974.5077.


Leslie Robinette
Communications Coordinator
Gladstone School District