Board Resolution condemning violence against Black people


Resolution condemning violence and racism directed at African Americans/Black People

WHEREAS, recent incidents of violence directed toward African Americans/Black people is an outrage; and

WHEREAS, these acts represent a blatant disregard for the dignity and sanctity of human life; and

WHEREAS, African Americans/Black people in our country should not have to live in fear because of the color of their skin; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s future well-being will benefit from a public education system that confronts systemic bias, institutionalized racism and supports efforts to ensure that African American/Black students, families, and staff thrive in the communities where they attend school and work; and

WHEREAS, the Gladstone School District has a shared core value of equity and is committed to each student’s dreams being nurtured and their history and cultural heritage being celebrated; and

WHEREAS, the Gladstone School District has a shared core value of care, in that we develop inclusive and welcoming environments for all people;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Gladstone School Board as follows:

  1. The Gladstone School Board, the Superintendent, and Gladstone School District employees join with America in sharing its anger, shame and sorrow about the intolerable violence directed at students of African American/Black people.
  2. The Gladstone School Board condemns the violent and disrespectful treatment of students of color. Our organization does not and will not tolerate, nor accept in any way, treatment of students of color that degrades their dignity or disregards their human life.
  3. The Gladstone School Board welcomes youth organizations, faith-based communities, community-based organizations, and local agencies to join us on an equity journey to make Gladstone equal and equitable for all.
  4. The Gladstone School Board commits to uplifting and honoring the voices and experiences of African American/Black people, (students, families, and staff) in order to ensure inclusive learning and work environments.
  5. The Gladstone School District will continue to counteract biased practices and remove systemic barriers that perpetuate academic achievement disparities and lead to disproportionate levels of student discipline.

DATED this 12th day of August, 2020
Greg Lind, Board Chair
Bob Stewart, Superintendent