School Closures & Emergency Information

The decision to delay or close schools is made by the Superintendent and First Student Transportation between 4:30 and  6 a.m. when the conditions are known to be perilous. Weather conditions may change following that time frame and are therefore monitored through the morning hours. Our priority is student safety, so every precaution is taken when making these decisions in a timely manner.

Rarely is it necessary to close school. When extreme weather emergencies, power outages, or other conditions make it impossible for the school to stay open, local media will be notified. Should the weather look so bad that you suspect school might be closed or have a delayed opening, please refer to local media stations rather than calling the school.

In addition you can register at FlashAlert Newswire and will receive instant email alerts or SMS text messages — at up to three email addresses/cell phone numbers — of any school closure or emergency information posted by the school district. Below is how you register:

  • Select Gladstone Sch. Dist.
  • Enter e-mail address, check “emergency alerts” then click “Subscribe”
  • Re-enter your email address
  • Set password
  • Click “Create Account”

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