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Kindergarten story workshop builds writing skills
In Discovery class, kindergarten students are exploring new worlds. One boy builds a chair from blocks, while his classmate crafts a skeleton from recycled materials. Across the room, two girls make matching mosaics from buttons, rocks, rick rack, and flowers.

Their creative work is part of a new Story Workshop that combines artistic expression and literacy instruction. It was funded by a grant from the Gladstone Education Foundation this school year.

“Our hope is that students’ time in Discovery will awaken ideas for storytelling,” said teacher Rachael Gannon. “Then they take those ideas back to their classroom and use them to write, edit, and share their stories.”

Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Lowell is a partner in the project. “Story workshop has allowed all kindergartners to have an entry point into writing their stories,” said Lowell. “This approach gives children a voice and choices while supporting their emerging literacy and speaking skills.”