GCCF Annual Service Report

GCCF Annual Services Report 2018-19

The Gladstone Center for Children & Families has been serving young children and their families since 2009. It is a collaborative multi-service center specializing in holistic supports for young children with their families and caregivers. A wide variety of child and family services are provided and coordinated by service organizations working in the GCCF and well beyond in family homes, local provider offices, and communities throughout Clackamas County.

All six sectors of the early childhood arena are represented by the GCCF: social services including home visiting, pre-school & childcare, parent education & supports, wellness and health care, vocational supports for young parents, and public education kindergartens.

Coordinating an array of services for young children and their families in ways that ensure full-spectrum care and maximal results is a challenge. The purpose of the GCCF is to decrease the service barriers to improved health, learning, and wellbeing for young children in Gladstone and surrounding communities.

The GCCF shared Management Team was charged by their organizations’ leaders with developing and publishing an annual progress report. This is the fourth edition. The report focus is on the service outputs generated by each organization working in the GCCF from July 2016 through June 2017. The numbers of children and families served by each organization are listed. Usually the customers’ home zip codes are added as well as some demographic information. Changes in child or family skills, abilities, or conditions – outcomes – are not included. This report is a companion piece to the GCCF 2014-17 Partners Agreement that governs site coordination.