Support for Unhoused Students

McKinney-Vento Liaison Ali Feuerstein
Email her.
Phone: 503.655.2544 ext. 418

If you are experiencing housing difficulties you may qualify for additional services from the Gladstone School District.

If you are living in any of the following situations:
• Shared housing with other friends or families
• Runaway/homeless youth, and students who are not living with a parent or legally court-appointed guardian
• Temporary or transitional housing
• Emergency or domestic violence shelters
• Motels or hotels
• Campgrounds or inadequate trailer homes
• Substandard housing (homes without heat, water, or working appliances
• Cars, abandoned buildings, parks, the streets or other public spaces

We may be able to help you:
• Enroll in school
• Remain in your school if you move to another area
• With transportation to and from school
• Receive free or reduced cost school meals
• Find social service referrals
• Other services