Northwest Family Services


Northwest Family Services supports family stability, child well-being, and victims of crime by focusing on the social determinants of health. Since 1983, NWFS has worked to reduce poverty through health, education, employment, and social justice services. Two NWFS staff are located at GCCF, the Family Resource Coordinator and the Family Support & Connections Specialist.

The Family Resource Coordinator supports families by providing resource matching, system navigation, and advocacy. The FRC can meet with families in the home, or other convenient locations, to address family needs. Typical services include connecting with basic needs like food and clothing, referrals to medical and educational resources, and early childhood development screens.

Los Coordinadores de Recursos de Familia apoyan a las familias a proporcionar la combinación de recursos: Esto incluye la conexión con necesidades básicas como acceso alimentos, ropa y productos de higiene etc. Proporcionamos una mejor manera de navegar el sistema médico y referencias educativas al desarrollo infantil a una temprana edad.

Para más información, comuniquese con:
For information, contact:

Mimi Rosales
Family Resource Coordinator

Coordinadores de Recursos de Familia
503 490-0485

The Family Support and Connections Specialist primarily serves families receiving TANF referred by DHS self-sufficiency Family Coaches. They can meet families in the home, or other convenient locations, to develop an individual plan to address family challenges and connect with additional resources so that they are able to grow and prosper. To find out more, reach out to your DHS Self-Sufficiency Family Coach.

To learn about the wide range of programs provided by Northwest Family Services, visit the website here.