Parent Resource Center

Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Area is a space at GCCF dedicated to helping families get connected to the many programs, organizations, classes, and events in the community.

It includes a desk area with two computers so you can access online information about community resources, such as

There are also paper brochures and flyers to help you find agencies to help your family in Gladstone and beyond. The information in the area fluctuates with new events and programs, but always includes the following topics:

 GCCF events such as parenting classes and fun science events
 Health and insurance
 Transportation and navigating public transit
 Adult education and employment assistance
 Child-care resources
 Housing support
 Resources for parents of infants
 Early learning support
 Information about child development
 Healthy relationship support and domestic violence assistance programs

Need help with a challenge your family is facing?  Contact one of our Family Resource Coordinators, Katrina Navarrete at 503-496-3943, or email

Katrina’s office is located at the Gladstone Center for Children & Families.