Staff List

The phone number for all staff starts with 503.496.3939. Individual extensions are listed below.

Name Phone Extension Role Room Schedule Email
Sarah Dunkin 302 Principal Office M-F 7:30-3:30
Heidi Smith 300 Head Secretary Office M-F 7:00-3:30
Classroom Teachers
Jennifer Lowell 310 Kindergarten 1 M-F
Rebecca Russell 311 Kindergarten 2 M-F
Torrie Dowdy 312 Kindergarten 3 M-F
Stacey Ellefson 315 Kindergarten 4 M-F
Kristina Garland 314 Kindergarten 5 M-F
Rachael Gannon 313 Kindergarten 5 M-F
Chase Duvall Long Term Roving Sub M-F
Rachel Gordon Counselor (A-J) Tuesday
Mark Herkamp Resource Officer
JJ Jedrykowski Physical Ed. M-F (rotates)
Kelly Kerrigan Learning Specialist M-F
Madi Kramer Long Term Roving Sub M-F
Tess Leach Occ. Therapist
Chloe Smithson Music M-F (rotates)
Maddy Steele ELL Teacher M-F
Tony Steele Speech Path. (K-3) M-F
Juhi Trivedi Dist. Behavior Specialist
Emma Utterback 303 District Nurse On call
Laura Walhood Counselor (K-Z) M(am), T, W, Th(pm), F
Greg Wendling Computer. Tech. M-F (rotates)
Sujata Soni Wipper 259/248 School Psychologist
Yesenia Boschetto 307 Family Supports M-F
Karie Cason Educational Assistant M-F
Susie Chapman 357 Chef’s Helper M-F
Kirsten Creek 375 Nutritional Services Director M-F
Amber Hill Educational Assistant M-F
Alicia Rau 375 Asst. cook M-F
Ellen Skofstad Educational Assistant M-F
Heather Smith SPED Instructional Assistant M-F
Claire Steward 303 Health Assistant Health Rm. M-F
Melissa Clark Head Custodian M-F