Title 1

Title 1 Program: Education for Disadvantaged Students

John Wetten and GCCF families,

As a partners in your child’s education, we want to tell you about our Title I program. Title I is a federally-funded effort to support struggling students, with the goal of closing achievement gaps and boosting school success. Every child benefits, regardless of their race, their family income, their home language, their culture, or their challenges.

At John Wetten Elementary and the kindergarten at the Gladstone Center for Children & Families [GCCF], we have a school-wide program that benefits each child. Because your child’s success in school depends on family involvement, we invite you to be an active part of our school community.

How can you help your child learn? Make on-time school attendance a priority. Remind your student that homework matters. Attend school activities like the Literacy Carnival, or volunteer in the classroom when you can. Attend parent-teacher conferences so you can participate in decisions about your child’s education. Read the school newsletter to stay informed.

Any time your child faces barriers to school success, let us know, so we can find ways to help. Whether your need is school supplies, counseling, health services, learning challenges, or food and clothing, Gladstone schools have a network of partners supporting kids and families. We are here to help!

As a parent, you have the right to be informed and involved in our Title I plan. You can review our plan at www.gladstone.k12.or.us/elementary/title-1/

For more information, contact your school principal or email Title I coordinator Lennie Bjornsen at bjornsenl@gladstone.k12.or.us.

You are invited to review your child’s classroom work, school tests, and state tests by attending a school conference or requesting a meeting with your child’s teacher.

Please know that our team is committed to maintaining a safe environment, listening to families, building an inclusive school community, and knowing each student well.


Wendy Wilson, Principal             Carol Kemhus, Interim Director
John Wetten Elementary            Gladstone Center for Children & Families


Title I Plan 2016-17

Ways Parents Can Support our Programs and Be Informed about Title I:

• Ask teachers, assistants and administrators about the Title I program and how it can assist their child.
• Talk to your child’s teacher regarding their reading progress and assessment data.
• Attend the annual Literacy Camival and other events at JWE and the GCCF.
• Volunteer to be a part of the annual Title I Plan Review at JWE.

Your Rights as a Parent
If at any time you have a question or concern regarding JWE or GCCF’s Title I program or your child’s participation in the program please contact your child’s teacher or the school principal. If your concern cannot be remedied or you have further questions, contact:

Lennie Bjornsen, Title I Coordinator, (503) 780-2658
Jeremiah Patterson, Title II Coordinator, (503) 655-2777
Petra Hoghova, Title III Coordinator, (503) 348.9041
Kim Nomensen, Homeless Liaison, (503) 655-3636