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Volunteering in the Classroom

Why volunteer in your child’s classroom?  Here are some great reasons:
•  Extra adult helpers means more one-on-one help for each child.
•  You get to see what your child is learning, so you can better help them at home.
•  You will get to know your child’s teacher, and can ask the questions you have.
•  Children benefit from positive adult role models.
•  Field trips are only possible with help from volunteer chaperones.
•  If your child sees you volunteering, they will see how much you value education.
•  Children whose parents volunteer grow up to be volunteers.
•  Nothing will put a smile on your face like hanging out with kindergarten kids!

To volunteer in our kindergarten classrooms, call District Volunteer Coordinator Theresa Schmidt at 503-496-3939 or email schmidtt@gladstone.k12.or.us.  A weekly two-hour shift can make a real difference for our school!