Weather closure information

snowman-wallpaperWays to get Gladstone Schools snow day/school closure announcements:
Winter weather can be unpredictable, so we want to make you aware of the many ways you can get information when we announce a late-start or school closure due to extreme weather.

1) Receive a text from Gladstone Schools: To receive a text message about snow day schedule changes and other occasional school announcements, opt in by texting Yes to 67587 from your cell phone.

2) Receive an email and phone call from Gladstone Schools:  Our School Messenger information system will send you an email and a phone call when we announce a school closure or delay. Usually this happens around 6 to 6:30 a.m. To update your email address or phone number, call your school office.

3) The District Facebook page 

4) Gladstone Schools website

5)  Sign up for Flash Alerts  Receive an email as soon as the Superintendent posts a change in the school schedule.

6) Radio & TV:  Any last minute changes in the school schedule will be announced by most Portland area news media. Often these are posted on news media websites rather than announced on the air.