Communications & Partnership Development

This team works to increase student success by building understanding, trust, and collaboration between Gladstone schools and its partners, including families, benefactors, social service agencies, businesses, the faith community, volunteers, and community members.


•  Support families by recruiting non-profit partners to provide parenting classes, a kids clothes closet, a school food pantry, on-site individual counseling, free books for students, drug & alcohol counseling, volunteerism, and grant funding.
•  Expand two-way communication through social media, surveys, and focus groups.
•  Provide on-going, transparent communications about the district through weekly news blasts, newsletters, texts, and websites.
 Build community through grant-funded initiatives in each school to increase wraparound supports for family stability and student learning success.
•  Support learning at home by providing parents with information on kindergarten readiness goals and education standards.
 Involve parents in education policy and practice through community conversations at each school about aspirations for students.

For information, contact:
Lennie Bjornsen, Director of Student & Family Supports

Leslie Robinette, Communications Coordinator