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First Name Last Name Title Email Building
Barb Lowther 1st Grade JWE
Melissa Hensley Attendance Secretary JWE
Joan Browning Special Services GHS
Don Beach Dishwasher GHS
Ashlen Toole Education Assistant JWE
Christine Defendorf Special Education Assistant JWE
Michelle Cullins Special Education Assistant JWE
Kalen Olson ELL Teacher GHS
Heather Smith Education Assistant GCCF
Yelena Sokolov Cook's Helper JWE
Erika Nelson 1st Grade JWE
Ashley Morris Custodian JWE
Addie Nelson Special Education Assistant JWE
Jammie Landis 5th Grade JWE
Amy Marlia 1st Grade JWE
Katie Czernik Education Assistant JWE
Daniel Diaz Rodriguez Cook's Helper JWE
Theresa Schmidt Volunteer Coordinator JWE
Jessica Bange Speech and Language Therapist JWE
Sandra Worth Cook GHS
Chris Lohbeck LEEP Teacher GHS
Alison Howell Career / College Specialist GHS
Ashley Browning Student Center Coordinator GHS
Jack Hollowell Health GHS
Jessica Oransky Psychologist GHS
Sarah Woods Psychologist GCCF
Taylor Meyer Math GHS
Alexis Bennett Youth Transition Program GHS
Shannon Peterson Speech/Language Therapist GHS
Jessica Bange Speech Pathologist GCCF
Patrick Irwin PE/Health GHS
Kari LoBue ELL Teacher GCCF
Emmett Pearson Language Arts GHS
Genaro Zamudio PE/Health WLK
Brandy Golston Math WLK
Cassia Griffin Learning Specialist GHS
Deborah Welder Learning Specialist WLK
Audrey Delgado Art; AVID WLK
Maureen Benedict-Lee OT/PT JWE
Casey Wendling Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Annette Sparks Educational Assistant JWE
Perlita Owens Community School GHS
Amerika Feddema KAOS WLK
Josh Weir Choir WLK
Gina Bartocci 6th Grade; AVID WLK
Seth Arnold Band WLK
Mara Asmus Learning Specialist WLK
Kelsey Ludeman Learning Specialist WLK
Patti Banka 3rd Grade JWE
Katie Kelso 4th Grade JWE
Kari LoBue ELL Teacher JWE
Ashley Black 3rd Grade JWE
Kelsey Riesterer 5th Grade JWE
Emily Morse 3rd Grade JWE
Cathy Mitchell 5th Grade JWE
Heidi Sause Counselor A-K GHS
Tyler Hoffman Head Custodian JWE
Tom Meyer Science/Math WLK
Qianling Li Chinese WLK
Jen Bokenyi Attendance Secretary WLK
Wayne Harris Campus Monitor GHS
Kate Keating Counselor/ Careers WLK
Kerry Nugent 6th Grade WLK
Heather Cruikshank Educational Assistant JWE
Kala Ott 4th Grade JWE
Sarah Woods Psychologist JWE
Jessica Smrkovsky DLC Teacher JWE
Naomi Stadeli Counselor GCCF
Naomi Stadeli Counselor JWE
Jeremiah Patterson Deputy Superintendent DO
Kevin Taylor Principal GHS
John Olson Principal WLK
Theresa Schmidt Volunteer Coordinator GCCF
Mercedes Robayo Receptionist GCCF
Stacey Ellefson Kindergarten GCCF
Torrie Dowdy Kindergarten GCCF
Rebecca Russell Kindergarten GCCF
Beth Taylor Kindergarten GCCF
Joel Libron Head Custodian GHS
Natalie Weninger Administrative Assistant Superintendent/Board/HR DO
Samantha Nelson Director of Finance and Operations DO
Rob Staehle Maintenance GHS
Melissa Kuhn Cook's Helper GHS
Jackie Kersting Cook's Helper GHS
Cindy Bakke MESD Nurse GHS
Josh Weir Choir GHS
Jacob Rondema Language Arts GHS
Hao Li Chinese GHS
Brian Johnson Science GHS
Ben Bruhn Social Studies GHS
Seth Arnold Band GHS
Kerry Jeffrey Assessment Specialist GHS
Stacy Shinault Math / Business GHS
Mike Leone Engineering Technology GHS
Cody Aker Science GHS
Debbie Knetzger Cooks Helper / Extended Day JWE
Siri Carlson Language Arts GHS
Sharon Wadsworth Secretary JWE
Christine Stephen 2nd Grade JWE
Deanne Nelson Speech and Language Therapist JWE
Linda Daniels Cooks Helper JWE
Ellen Skofstad Instructional Assistant GCCF
Kaitlyn Gillies 4th Grade JWE
Katie Brown LEEP Teacher WLK
Melissa Clark Asst Head Cook JWE
Sandi Reynolds Lead Payroll DO
Annette Ware Receptionist DO
Daniel Myers Math GHS
Ryan Browning Social Studies GHS
Leslie Robinette Grant Writer/Communications GHS
Kelly Jacobs Music Teacher JWE
Vicki Baker Counseling Secretary GHS
Ashley Aldridge 4th Grade JWE
Lauren Thompson 3rd Grade JWE
Eric Graves School Resource Officer WLK
Macie Kingsley Language Arts WLK
Michelle Keizer Business GHS
Matt Misley Social Studies GHS
Lynn Aleksich Head Cook/Nutrition Svc Coordinator GCCF
Marie Couch Dishwasher GHS
Gina Blevins Asst Head Cook GHS
Mary Ann Rybel Instructional Assistant GCCF
Amber Hill Instructional Assistant GCCF
Danielle Winegar 1st Grade JWE
Kristina Garland Kindergarten GCCF
Kevin Zerzan Science GHS
Karen Zerzan 6th Grade WLK
Ted Yates Athletic Director GHS
Wendy Wilson JWE Principal JWE
Debra Wilkin Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Nancy West Media Assistant JWE
Greg Wendling Technology JWE
Kelly Welch Director of Special Services DO
Casey Webster Math GHS
Nancy Webb Cooks Helper WLK
Rebecca Waverly 2nd Grade; Talented & Gifted Program JWE
Teresa Watts Special Education Assistant GHS
Elizabeth Watkins 1st Grade JWE
Amy Voelker Head Cook GHS
Laura Vierra 2nd Grade JWE
Tammy Tracy Com Ed Dir / HR Secretary DO
Brenden Thwing Business / Art GHS
Sue Surratt Community Ed Programmer DO
Marianne Sullivan Accountant DO
Jo Strong Technology Assistant DO
Tracy Stoughton Instructional Assistant WLK
Susan Stobie Special Education Assistant GHS
John Stewart Custodian GCCF
Bob Stewart Superintendent DO
Shaun Southmayd Head Secretary WLK
Tammy Smith Special Education Assistant JWE
Heidi Smith GCCF Head Secretary GCCF
Emily Smith Health/PE GHS
Tracy Skowhede Math WLK
Frances Severson Media Assistant WLK
Kristina Schuberg Language Arts GHS
Chris Rich Art GHS
Lynnda Prom Math GHS
Debbie Poyser Bookkeeper GHS
Peggy Powell Instructional Assistant WLK
Cathy Pheil 3rd Grade JWE
Celeste Pellicci 8th Grade Science WLK
Ellen Peck Principal's Secretary GHS
Amy Otto Social Studies WLK
Kim Nomensen Counselor WLK
Tobin Nelson Language Arts GHS
Serena Mullen 5th Grade JWE
Wendy Mudd 5th Grade JWE
Trey Mott Physical Ed JWE
Jim McDonald Custodian GHS
Shirley Loeffler Media Specialist/Technology Teacher WLK
Shirley Loeffler Media Specialist / Yearbook GHS
Vanessa Lindquist Head Cook JWE
Linda Lehrbach Special Education Assistant JWE
Mary Lane 4th Grade JWE
Brad Kuntz Spanish GHS
Julie Kempster Media/Ed Asst JWE
Katie Exum Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Ryan Johnson Technology Coordinator DO
Melinda Johnson Attendance Secretary GHS
Melinda Johnson Kindergarten Specialist GCCF
Cynde Johnson Special Education Secretary DO
Petra Hoghova District ELL Coordinator JWE
Rob Hill PE WLK
Kris Hill Custodian GHS
David Hill 2nd Grade JWE
Carol Hess Head Cook WLK
Andrea Hess Instructional Assistant WLK
Alicia Hess 4th Grade JWE
Allison Hart 1st Grade JWE
Jeanetta Hale Instructional Assistant WLK
Lorrie Green Cooks Helper WLK
Ginger Green Special Education Assistant JWE
Debbie Gorton 6th Grade WLK
Ellen Toothacker Technology Assistant II DO
Marylin Furumasu Special Education Assistant GHS
Laura Fuller Social Studies WLK
Julie Fox 5th Grade JWE
Linda Fletcher Learning Specialist GHS
Becky Flesher Extended Day Coordinator JWE
Erinn Emmons LA / SS WLK
Denise Durkee Athletic Secretary GHS
Tia Bellm Learning Specialist JWE
Diane Delvers Learning Specialist JWE
Todd Dauenhauer 7th/8th Grade Science WLK
James Dallas Grounds DO
Brad Crosby Math GHS
Kirsten Creek Asst Head Cook GCCF
Wes Cox Custodian WLK
Jill Cone 6th Grade; Talented & Gifted Program WLK
Jeremy Clark Spanish GHS
Rebecca Chitkowski Chemistry/ Physics GHS
Lori Chambers 7th & 8th Grade LA WLK
Lori Buchanan Vice Principal JWE
Jamie Jenson Counselor L-Z GHS
Shannon Bohrer 2nd Grade JWE
Lennie Bjornsen Director of Student & Family Support WLK
Patti Bisenius 6th Grade WLK
Heather Bigbee 3rd Grade JWE
Kathy Beykovsky Director, Gladstone Foundation DO
Dee Ann Belozer Payroll Assistant DO
Kassy Babeckos Kindergarten Specialist GCCF
Jere Applebee Director GCCF
Tressa Aplanalp Custodian WLK
Patti Alexander Vice Principal GHS
Linda Alberico Head Secretary JWE