Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for the district’s fiscal operations of accounting, budget, audits, and accounts payable.  The team provides analysis and support to schools, departments, district administration and the School Board in financial matters. The department also oversees Technology, Benefits, Payroll, and Nutrition Services.

2019-20 Budget Committee Calendar for the  2020-21 Budget

2020-21 Proposed Budget Document – May 6, 2020 1st Budget Committee Agenda

Budget & Audit Documents      

2021 Budget Message

2020-21 Gladstone Adopted Budget           2019-20 Audit Report

2019-20 Gladstone Adopted Budget              2018-19 Audit Report

2018-19 Gladstone Adopted Budget              2017-18 Audit Report

2017-18 Gladstone Adopted Budget          2016-17 Audit Report

2016-17 Gladstone Adopted Budget         2015-16 Audit Report       

2014-15 Gladstone Adopted Budget         2014-15 Audit Report

For prior year documents, please call Gladstone School District.

Director of Finance: Rachel Lopez Hopper
503-655-2777 x594

Accountant Specialist: Tracie Martin
503-655-2777 x581

Accounts Payable/Receivable: Sara Maier
503-655-2777 x595

Form W-9 (Rev. December 2014) – Fillable