Special Services

Welcome to the Department of Special Services in Gladstone

Our Mission:  The Special Services Department works collaboratively with our general education colleagues to provide programs for students with disabilities as prescribed by federal and state law. We provide evaluation services, develop individual education plans in conjunction with parents, and provide services in the least restrictive environment.

Office Address:  17789 Webster Road
Office FAX:         503-655-5201

Director of Special Services:
Kelly Welch, Ed.D.
503-655-2777 x222

Candace Mahoney-Watson
503-655-2777 x216

School Psychologist(s)
Jessica Oransky 503-655-3636 ex 215
Sarah Woods 503-503-656-6564 ex 259
Liason for Families in Transition (Title X)
Petra Hoghova

503-656-6564 x258

ELL Coordinator:
Petra Hoghova
503-656-6564 x258