What’s new at John Wetten?

December 5: School starts 2 hours late
Due to slick, icy roads, Gladstone Schools will open 2 hours late on Monday, December 5. There is no morning Extended Day program. School buses will pick up 2 hours later than usual.

New website helps JWE families practice math skills
John Wetten’s Math Specialist Emily Morse has developed a new website to help parents work with students to improve their math skills. The site includes specifics for each grade level, including home activities, apps for math practice, games, and specifics on how to help with the schools Bridges math curriculum at each grade level. Check it out! 

Playworks builds community at recess
Children at John Wetten Elementary and the Gladstone Center for Children & Families [GCCF] are finding positive ways to connect with classmates thanks to a partnership with Playworks, which aims to build a positive playground culture. Funded through a grant from the Heatherington Foundation, the project was a result of the school district’s Culture of Care expansion effort last spring.

“Our mission is to teach life skills and foster social growth through play,” said Playworks site coordinator Alex Kelley. “We teach school staff to facilitate games so recess is fun and everyone is included. Along the way, kids are learning life skills like conflict resolution that will transfer to the classroom and other parts of their lives.”

By teaching playground staff to lead group games like Egg/Tadpole/Frog, Red Light/Green Light, and Duck Duck Goose, adults can make sure all children are invited to join in the fun. They also help children quickly resolve ties or conflicts using a quick round of rock/paper/scissors.

Playworks also introduces fun variations on traditional playground games like Crossover Dodgeball, where the goal is to get everyone to the other side and no one is “out.” This helps make recess more inclusive and collaborative.

2022 Move-A-Thon Results

Congratulations JWE Leopards on your record breaking Move-A-Thon event.  You raised $41,401 this year.  Thank you to all our parents, family and other members of the Gladstone community for your support this year.  All proceeds go to student field trips, technology, end of year celebrations and much more.