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First Name Last Name Title Email Building
Barb Lowther 1st Grade JWE
Melissa Hensley Attendance Secretary JWE
Ashlen Toole Education Assistant JWE
Christine Defendorf Special Education Assistant JWE
Michelle Cullins Special Education Assistant JWE
Yelena Sokolov Cook's Helper JWE
Erika Nelson 1st Grade JWE
Ashley Morris Custodian JWE
Addie Nelson Special Education Assistant JWE
Jammie Landis 5th Grade JWE
Amy Marlia 1st Grade JWE
Katie Czernik Education Assistant JWE
Daniel Diaz Rodriguez Cook's Helper JWE
Theresa Schmidt Volunteer Coordinator JWE
Jessica Bange Speech and Language Therapist JWE
Maureen Benedict-Lee OT/PT JWE
Casey Wendling Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Annette Sparks Educational Assistant JWE
Patti Banka 3rd Grade JWE
Katie Kelso 4th Grade JWE
Kari LoBue ELL Teacher JWE
Ashley Black 3rd Grade JWE
Kelsey Riesterer 5th Grade JWE
Emily Morse 3rd Grade JWE
Cathy Mitchell 5th Grade JWE
Tyler Hoffman Head Custodian JWE
Heather Cruikshank Educational Assistant JWE
Kala Ott 4th Grade JWE
Sarah Woods Psychologist JWE
Jessica Smrkovsky DLC Teacher JWE
Naomi Stadeli Counselor JWE
Debbie Knetzger Cooks Helper / Extended Day JWE
Sharon Wadsworth Secretary JWE
Christine Stephen 2nd Grade JWE
Deanne Nelson Speech and Language Therapist JWE
Linda Daniels Cooks Helper JWE
Kaitlyn Gillies 4th Grade JWE
Melissa Clark Asst Head Cook JWE
Kelly Jacobs Music Teacher JWE
Ashley Aldridge 4th Grade JWE
Lauren Thompson 3rd Grade JWE
Danielle Winegar 1st Grade JWE
Wendy Wilson JWE Principal JWE
Debra Wilkin Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Nancy West Media Assistant JWE
Greg Wendling Technology JWE
Rebecca Waverly 2nd Grade; Talented & Gifted Program JWE
Elizabeth Watkins 1st Grade JWE
Laura Vierra 2nd Grade JWE
Tammy Smith Special Education Assistant JWE
Cathy Pheil 3rd Grade JWE
Serena Mullen 5th Grade JWE
Wendy Mudd 5th Grade JWE
Trey Mott Physical Ed JWE
Vanessa Lindquist Head Cook JWE
Linda Lehrbach Special Education Assistant JWE
Mary Lane 4th Grade JWE
Julie Kempster Media/Ed Asst JWE
Katie Exum Reading Intervention Specialist JWE
Petra Hoghova District ELL Coordinator JWE
David Hill 2nd Grade JWE
Alicia Hess 4th Grade JWE
Allison Hart 1st Grade JWE
Ginger Green Special Education Assistant JWE
Julie Fox 5th Grade JWE
Becky Flesher Extended Day Coordinator JWE
Tia Bellm Learning Specialist JWE
Diane Delvers Learning Specialist JWE
Lori Buchanan Vice Principal JWE
Shannon Bohrer 2nd Grade JWE
Heather Bigbee 3rd Grade JWE
Linda Alberico Head Secretary JWE