Note: All staff phone numbers begin with 503.656.6564. 
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Name Phone Extension Role Room Schedule email
Lindy Sproul 203 Principal Office M-F 7:30-3:30 Email Lindy Sproul
Kassy Babeckos 236 Assistant Principal Office M-F 7:30-3:30 Email Kassy Babeckos
Linda Alberico 200 Head Secretary Office M-F 7:15-3:45 Email Linda Alberico
Melissa Hensley 205 Attendance/Records Secretary Office M-F 7:15-3:15 Email Melissa Hensley
Rachelle Miller 201 Transportation Secretary Office M-F 7:45-9:15,          12-30-2:45 Email Rachelle Miller
Classroom Teachers
Nicole Couzens 208 1st Grade 4 M-F Email Nicole Couzens
Toni Everts 272 1st Grade 2 M-F Email Toni Everts
Melinda Johnson 242 1st Grade 8 M-F Email Melinda Johnson
Amy Marlia 237 1st Grade 7 M-F Email Amy Marlia
Beth Taylor 254 1st Grade (ELL) 3 M-F Email Beth Taylor
Laura Vierra 232 1st Grade (ELL) 6 M-F Email Laura Vierra
David Hill 238 2nd Grade 18 M-F Email David Hill
Barb Lowther 230 2nd Grade (ELL) 5 M-F Email Barb Lowther
Liz Watkins 219 2nd Grade (ELL) 19 M-F Email Liz Watkins
Becky Waverly 235 2nd Grade 14 M-F Email Becky Waverly
Danielle Winegar 240 2nd Grade 16A M-F Email Danielle Winegar
Patti Banka 224 3rd Grade 17 M-F Email Patti Banka
Heather Bigbee 244 3rd Grade (ELL) 20 M-F Email Heather Bigbee
Ashley Black 228 3rd Grade 28 M-F Email Ashley Black
Cathy Pheil 213 3rd Grade 15 M-F Email Cathy Pheil
Lauren Thompson 255 3rd Grade (ELL) 16B M-F Email Lauren Thompson
Taylor Adams 229 4th Grade 34 M-F Email Taylor Adams
Cathy Mitchell 220 4th Grade 21A M-F Email Cathy Mitchell
Serena Mullen 269 4th Grade (ELL) 23 M-F Email Serena Mullen
Mel Salmeri 256 4th Grade 22 M-F Email Mel Salmeri
Wendy Wyller (Mudd) 227 4th Grade 21B M-F Email Wendy Wyller
Michelle Aker 262 5th Grade 27 M-F Email Michelle Aker
Kaitlyn Gillies 252 5th Grade (ELL) 31 M-F Email Kaitlyn Gillies
Alicia Hess* 243 5th Grade 26 M-F Email Alicia Hess
Marie Meroney 267 5th Grade (ELL) 25 M-F Email Marie Meroney
Benjamin Robbins 225 5th Grade 29 M-F Email Benjamin Robbins
Candy Moore 253 DLC/Learning Spec. (1st) 32 M-F Email Candy Moore
Mara Asmus 248 Learning Spec. (2nd & 3rd) 24 M-F Email Mara Asmus
Chase Duvall Long Term Roving Sub M-F Email Chase Duvall
Katie Exum 271 Intervention Specialist (Reading) Secret Garden M-F Email Katie Exam
Amy Faulhaber 218 Speech Path. (3-5) 1B M-F Email Amy Faulhaber
Rachel Gordon 202 Counselor (A-J) Counseling M, T(am), W, Th, F(pm) Email Rachel Gordon
Cassia Griffin 239 Learning Spec. (4th & 5th) 30 M-F Email Cassia Griffin
Mark Herkamp 245 Resource Officer Email Officer Herkamp
Petra Hoghova 258 District ELL/Assess. Coor. 9 M-F Email Petra Hoghova
JJ Jedrykowski 245 Physical Ed. Wetten Gym M-F Email JJ Jedrykowski
Suzanne Kay 204 Physical Therapist 1D Varies Email Suzanne Kay
Madi Kramer Long Term Roving Sub M-F Email Madi Kramer
Tess Leach 204 Occ. Therapist 1D T(pm),W,Th,F(pm) Email Tess Leach
Emily Morse 241 Intervention Specialist (Math) 33 M-F Email Emily Morse
Trey Mott 210 Physical Ed. Main Gym M-F Email Trey Mott
Erika Nelson 212 SLC Teacher 13 M-F Email Erika Nelson
Chloe Smithson 209 Music 36 M-F Email Chloe Smithson
Maddy Steele 261 ELL Teacher 10 M-F Email Maddy Steele
Tony Steele 234 Speech Path. (K-3) 1C M-F Email Tony Steele
Juhi Trivedi 257 Dist. Behavior Specialist 1E Varies Email Juhi Trivedi
Emma Utterback 226 District Nurse Health Rm. W Email Emma Utterback
Laura Walhood 231 Counselor (K-Z) 34A M(am), T, W, Th(pm), F Email Laura Walhood
Casey Wendling 270 Intervention Specialist (Reading) Secret Garden M-F Email Casey Wendling
Greg Wendling 582 Computer. Tech. 12 M-F Email Greg Wendling
Debb Wilkin 268 Intervention Specialist (Reading) Secret Garden M-F Email Debb Wilkin
Sujata Soni Wipper 259/248 School Psychologist 1G/24 T, Alt-W, F Email Sujata Soni Wipper
Kim Burke 214 Library Asst. Library M-F 7:30-3:00 Email Kim Burke
Carlie Brown 219 Student Teacher-Watkins 19 M-W
Kim Carlson 253 SPED Asst. 32 M-F 7:30-3:00 Email Kim Carlson
Katie Czernik 248 SPED Asst. 24 M-F Email Katie Czernik
Cassy Donovan Ed. Asst. Café/Recess M-F 10:25-1:25 Email Cassy Donovan
Linda Lehrbach 266 ELL Asst. 9 M-F 7:30-3:30 Email Linda Lehrbach
Katie Leitzel Ed. Asst. Café/Recess M-F Email Katie Leitzel
Savannah Porter 239 SPED Asst. 30 M-F 7:50-3:20 Email Savannah Porter
Shawn Price Ed. Asst. Café/Recess M-F 10:25-1:25 Email Shawn Price
Theresa Schmidt 265 Volunteer/Enrichment Coord. Cafe’ M-F 9:00-3:30 Email Theresa Schmidt
Christine Scott 253 SPED Asst. 32 M-F 7:30-3:00 Email Christine Scott
Jessica Shults 264 Ed. Asst./Ext. Day Coord. Café/Recess M-F 10:25-12:25 Email Jessica Shults
Claire Steward 263 Health Assistant Health Rm. M-F Email Claire Steward
Ashlen Toole 239 SPED Asst. 32 M-F Email Ashlen Toole
Margaret Vierra 214 Library Asst./Ed. Asst. Library M-F 7:30-11:00 Email Margaret Vierra
Sumin Wolfe 248 SPED Asst. 24 M-F 7:30-3:00 Email Sumin Wolfe
Kitchen Crew
Linda Daniels 246 Cook’s Helper Kitchen M-F 7:15-1:30 Email Linda Daniels
Debbie Knetzger 246 Asst. Head Cook/Ext. Day Kitchen M-F Email Debbie Knetzger
Alicia Rau 246 Head Cook Kitchen M-F Email Alicia Rau
Gabrielle Susi 246 Cook’s Helper Kitchen M-F 9:15-2:15 Email Gabrielle Susi
TBA 246 Cook’s Helper Kitchen M-F 10:30-1:30
Brian McGuire 221 Night Custodian M-F Email Brian McGuire
Ana Mendoza 221 Night Custodian M-F 2:30-11:00 Email Ana Mendoza
TBA 221 Head Custodian M-F 6:30-3:00