Free Parent Classes

Free classes offer parents strategies
 for young children
Parenting isn’t easy, but thanks to Family Stepping Stones, families can get the help they need through several free classes.  All classes will be provided at the Gladstone Center for Children & Families, at 18905 Portland Avenue.  To register, call Chelsea Hamilton at 503.496.5764 or email

Three monthly, drop-in classes are available throughout the school year for families with specific information depending on the age of one’s children. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and bring their toughest questions.  Families may attend any or all of these classes.  Free dinner and childcare are always provided.

Beautiful Babies:  This class for parents with children under 18 months meets first Thursdays from October through May.  Topics include child development and milestones, parenting styles, self-care, sleeping, feeding, and playing with your baby.

Terrific Toddlers:  This class for parents with children 18 months to 3 years old meets 2nd Thursdays from October through May. Topics include toilet training, child safety, positive discipline strategies, learning through play, and ways to encourage language and social development.

Growing Up:  This class for parents with children age 3 to 6 meets 3rd Thursdays from October to May.  Topics include school readiness and adjustments, healthy screen time and nutrition, love languages, and positive sibling and peer relationships.