Parent-Faculty Organization (PFO)

The Leopard Pride PFO

JWE’s Community of Family and Faculty Joining Together for Student Enrichment

Welcome to The Leopard Pride!  We are John Wetten Elementary School’s Parent-Faculty Organization (PFO).  The Leopard Pride is comprised of every parent and staff member of our school.  If you are a parent in our school, you are a VITAL part of the PFO!

Our focus is:

  • Fundraising and Funds Distribution (for field trips, school supplies, classroom technology, grade level curriculum and much more!)
  • Student Enrichment events, programs and activities
  • Building school-wide community

There are NO monthly meetings to attend.  ALL business and voting are conducted through the PFO e-mail loop.  This allows our Pride members to get involved when it is most convenient for them, choose the things they want to be involved with, and it gives EVERYBODY a voice when we vote on issues and funding requests.  For those wanting to be involved beyond the e-mail loop, we do offer many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

To join the e-mail loop, write to and request to be added.