Proficiency-based Report Cards

All elementary school students will be bringing home report cards this school year!  Our report cards are Standards-based and use Proficiency Grades to tell parents how their children are learning and growing on important end of year skills.

Standards-based report cards provide detailed information about your child’s progress on specific skills in each subject.  You will see how your child is performing in specific skills and whether they need more support or greater academic challenge.  Using clearly-defined standards, teachers and parents can work together to help students succeed.

First Grade brochure
Second Grade brochure
Third Grade brochure
Fourth Grade brochure
Fifth Grade brochure

Profile of a Successful Elementary Learner:

• Works independently
• Follows directions
• Organizes self and materials
• Approaches challenges using a variety of strategies 

Participating Actively
Works well with others
Completes and returns homework

Socially Responsible
Does not interfere with others’ learning
• Follows school rules: Safe, Respectful, Responsible
• Respects others’ rights, feelings, and property
• Accepts responsibility for own behavior