Title 1

Title 1 Program: Education for the Disadvantaged

Title 1 2018-19 Budget Narrative

Ways Parents Can Support our Programs and Be Informed about Title I:

• Ask teachers, assistants and administrators about the Title I program and how it can assist their child.
• Talk to your child’s teacher regarding their reading progress and assessment data.
• Attend the annual Literacy Camival and other events at JWE and the GCCF.
• Volunteer to be a part of the annual Title I Plan Review at JWE.

Your Rights as a Parent
If at any time you have a question or concern regarding JWE or GCCF’s Title I program or your child’s participation in the program please contact your child’s teacher or the school principal. If your concern cannot be remedied or you have further questions, contact:

Lennie Bjornsen, Title I Coordinator, (503) 780-2658
Jeremiah Patterson, Title II Coordinator, (503) 655-2777
Petra Hoghova, Title III Coordinator & Homeless Liaison, (503) 348.9041