Water & Radon Testing

Dear Gladstone families,

With the issues of water quality and radon in the news, I want to share what we know about our Gladstone school buildings.

Water tests for lead and copper took place at John Wetten Elementary, Kraxberger Middle School, and Gladstone High in 1992. No issues were found at John Wetten or Kraxberger, and both of these schools were substantially rebuilt in 1995.

Two minor issues with sinks at Gladstone High School were addressed and remedied in 1993.All water fountains and fixtures with associated piping were replaced at the high school as part of the 2007 remodeling project​

The Gladstone Center for Children & Families, formerly a grocery store, was completely re-piped when the building was renovated for its present use in 2007-08.

The process for water testing at all four schools ​was initiated in March 2016, and will be completed by July 2016. The District will be following the EPA recommended guidelines for testing of lead in drinking water in schools.​

This year Gladstone High School completed a long-term​ test for radon in March 2016. Results showed that radon levels are normal, and pose no risk to students or staff. Our other three schools will be tested for radon starting in July 2016.​

Student health and safety is always a priority. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Samantha Nelson, Director of Operations, at 503.655.2777.


Bob Stewart