482553_483208315067030_470716339_nAs the principal of John Wetten Elementary (JWE), it is a pleasure and a privilege to serve our nearly 800 students.  Grades 1-5 are a magical time of discovery and learning that builds an essential foundation for students, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.

John Wetten is at the heart of our warm, close-knit community, and our school is supported by hundreds of volunteers, partners, and contributors.

Our school’s whole child approach provides students with a variety of experiences, from the challenge of Common Core reading, math, and writing to engaging enrichment from strong music, physical education, technology, counseling, and library programs.

Our school values the child above all else.  We believe that each student has the right to be safe, to be highly regarded, to learn, and to have fun. We are dedicated to ensuring that this happens for every child.

Wendy Wilson