Dear John Wetten Families,

I am honored to be your principal and join a community focused on Growing Great People.

As I begin my first year at John Wetten Elementary, I am energized and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of your children. They are our future leaders, workers, neighbors, and parents, and their education helps each one achieve their best potential.

At John Wetten we put kids first. Educators and parents work together to provide students with a rich educational environment. In this collaborative effort, we want children to thrive not just in academics, but in creativity, good health, and social connections.

All students can learn. My goal for our education team is to discover each child’s learning style so our instruction supports the diverse needs of our students. My hope is that every child will LOVE learning and that together we can nurture John Wetten Elementary as a positive, safe, caring, fun place to learn and grow.

Thank you,

Michael Clutter