Why choose John Wetten Elementary?

Why choose John Wetten Elementary?
John Wetten Elementary educates the whole child. Besides a rigorous academic curriculum and a school-wide wellness program, we also provide specialists, with weekly instruction in:

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• technology
• physical education
• music
• library

The school has been a leader in piloting Common Core mathematics, and this year is launching proficiency-based assessment. An array of academic supports are provided, including after school help with math and reading, plus computer-based math and reading interventions.

A variety of volunteer-run after school enrichment programs include clubs like Leadership, Choir, Debate, Cheerleading, Wood Working, Robotics, and Book Discussion. I you are interested in leading a club, please contact the school’s volunteer coordinator Theresa Schmidt. An extended day childcare program is also available.

If you are considering an inter-district transfer, you can request a tour of John Wetten by calling 503-656-6564.  For an application, call Natalie at 503-496-3935.