Frequently Asked Questions

Could the information in this FAQ change?
YES.  The conditions, information, and research around COVID-19 is constantly changing.  When information changes in this document we will highlight the updates and changes in green.

Chromebook Distribution is September 8 to 16
Each student will be able to check out a Chromebook for distance learning. This applies to both the Teacher-Led and Online programs. Before you can check out your Chromebook, you must complete online Registration verification for each child. Directions are at the bottom of this page.

Chromebooks for all schools will be distributed through a drive-through process in the front loop at John Wetten Elementary. Please line up from the east end of Exeter Street. You may pick up all the devices for students in your family at the same time. A parent/guardian must sign for the device. If your assigned time slot won’t work for you, choose another. Please wear a mask.

Date TBD:    8 a.m. to noon
                     4 to 7 p.m.

If you still have a Chromebook from last spring, it has been deactivated and will not work when school starts. To get an activated Chromebook, you must first return it. Please bring it to any of the events scheduled above.

If your child has a personal device you may use that instead. However, if you have multiple students, please do check out what you need so each child has their own device.
School Calendar Updated

The School Calendar has been updated. A printable copy is available on the district and school websites. Parent/Teacher conferences will happen on September 16 and 17, with details to be announced next week. The first day of classes is Friday, September 18.

School Supply lists available

We have posted school supply lists for our Teacher-Led program on each school’s website:

GCCF Kindergarten
John Wetten Elementary
Kraxberger Middle School
Gladstone High

Supply lists for Online School will be available at the start of the school year. All supplies for this program are entirely optional.
Parents help parents in new Facebook group

Gladstone Parent Connection is a new Facebook group launched in September to provide parents with a way to connect. Distance learning is hard for all of us. Whether your child is in the Teacher-Led program or Online School, you will find others who share your journey and can offer help along the way.

Looking for a learning pod or childcare, trying to get the new school year started right, or in need of food for your family? Want to set up an online playdate for your child or get help with online learning platforms? Join the group to share your questions and challenges as well as resources, ideas, strategies, and friendly support.
You must complete Registration Verification to check out a Chromebook

Only families who have completed online Enrollment Verification will be able to check out a Chromebook for their student next week. Many families have done this already. If you have not, please take 10 minutes to complete this so we can make sure your child has a Chromebook to start distance learning.

Here’s how: Log in to your ParentVue account via the ParentVue website (not the app): and complete the Verification process.

If you do not remember your ParentVue login information, please contact your school secretary:
GHS: or 503-655-2544
Kraxberger: or (503) 655-3636
John Wetten: or  (503) 656-6564
GCCF: or (503) 496-3939

Once you are logged in to ParentVue, click on the Enrollment tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. The Enrollment Verification on ParentVue allows you to:

  • Confirm that all information is correct


  • Update Parent Contact Information
  • Update Emergency Contact Information
  • Give permission for your student to participate in sports and activities
  • And more!

If your child will not be returning to a Gladstone school, please email your school secretary to request that your child’s new school send a records request so that we can properly withdraw your student.


Is there still time to register for school?
Yes, new students, including kindergarteners may register now by visiting this site.

We encourage families to do this as soon as possible so we can work out schedules, teacher assignments, and Chromebook loans.

Is it too late to sign up for Online School?
Yes, but families who missed the deadline can register for a spot on the waiting list. 

School Schedules and Teacher Assignments

Where can I find sample school schedules for the Teacher-Led program?
They are posted on the website.

When will we find out who our elementary child’s teacher is for this year?
Teacher assignments for K-6 students will be announced the first week of September

When will class schedules be available for students at Gladstone High?
We hope to have those available before Labor Day. They will appear in each student’s ParentVue and StudentVue accounts.

Will my elementary student be assigned to a specific teacher?
Yes. However children may also receive some instruction from other teachers on their grade level team.

What if my child’s teacher gets sick? Will there be a substitute?
If a teacher is ill for a day or two, live instruction will stop for 1-2 days and independent work will be assigned for students to work on. In cases where longer sick leave is required, a substitute teacher will instruct students.

Support during Distance Learning

I need to find child care. Can you provide any resources?
Yes. Phone 211 or visit for connections to childcare providers.  You can also call Childcare Resource and Referral at 503.675.4100. [Gladstone’s Extended Day program will not open this fall.]

Besides Chromebooks, what else will be provided to students?
Schools will also distribute books and textbooks at all levels and elementary math kits, as well as white boards and markers for elementary students and art supplies for Gladstone High art students. Details on picking up these items will be announced later.

When will it Happen?

When is the first day of school?
Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 16. An updated school calendar will be distributed to all families in early September, after it is approved by the School Board.

If my child has their own device, do we have to check one out?
No. You are welcome to use your own device. However, please check out what you need to ensure that each child has a separate device.

What’s the schedule for school sports this year?
No. Due to the spread of COVID-19, OSAA has scheduled athletic participation as follows:

      Winter sports: January and February
      Fall sports: March and April
      Spring sports: May and June

A copy of the athletic schedule is available here. This schedule may change depending on COVID-19 metrics in our region.

School Meals [this information will be updated soon. The plan may change.]

When will school meals resume?
When school begins September 16 we will provide weekly drive-through pickup of free breakfast and lunch to any youth age 1 to 18.

Meal Pickup schedule
: [students need not be present at meal pickup]

• First week of school only:  11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on September 16 at Kraxberger Middle School
• Regular schedule: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Mondays at Kraxberger Middle School starting September 21.

Meals will include a selection of student favorites with fresh fruits and vegetables as available. No menus will be provided.

Help for Families

Who can help me find social services?
Contact our Family Resource Coordinator Mimi Rosales at the GCCF. Email her at

When will the Clothes Closet reopen?
The Kids Clothes Closet will reopen on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon starting September 12, providing gently used clothing and shoes. They are located in a portable on the north side of the Gladstone High campus off Nelson Lane. All visitors age 5 and up must wear a mask.

School Schedules

When does school begin?
Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 16. The updated school calendar will be shared as soon as it is available.

Why is there a difference between the middle school and high school schedules?
The difference in the middle school and high school schedules is because our high school has a 5 period day, so they are using the 6th period for CCR [college/career readiness, equity studies, wellness, community building]. At Kraxberger they have a 6 period day plus homeroom.

Will middle school and high school students get a personalized schedule, or are all students in a grade level taking the same classes?
It will be a personalized schedule. Students will be taking the classes they forecast for, including electives.

Will middle school students still be able to take high school courses like Geometry?
Yes. The high school and middle school schedules were aligned to make this possible.

Will there still be alternate/early release schedules on Wednesdays?
No, schedules will remain consistent across the week.

What are office hours for?
Office hours are a chance for students to ask teachers for help with assignments.

Getting Ready for School

What date should the high school students expect to receive their 1st trimester class schedules by?
We hope to provide student schedules by September 11.  We are still making adjustments to schedules and counselors are starting to work on individual conflicts.  Students are not starting school until September 16th.

How will the class schedules be sent to students?
Schedules for middle school and high school students will be posted in the student’s Student Vue account. We will notify families when they are posted. 

Is it possible to opt out of a Chromebook if my child has her own computer?Yes, as long as each student in the family has access to a device, you are welcome to use your own computers.


Will attendance be taken?
Attendance will be taken daily for students at all levels. For middle school and high school students this includes each class period. Attendance includes both participation in class activities and interaction with school staff.

Distance Learning

Why will Gladstone students do Comprehensive Distance Learning this fall?
The health of our students and staff is our top priority. According to the new health metrics from the Governor’s office, Clackamas County does not yet qualify for students to safely return to classrooms.

Is this different than what other Oregon districts are doing?
Nearly all Oregon school districts will begin the new school year with Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Will students be able to borrow an electronic device for distance learning?
Yes. All students will be provided with their own Chromebook for schoolwork. For grades K-1, these will be age-appropriate  touch screen Chromebooks that double as tablets.

How long will Distance Learning continue?
Distance Learning will continue until Clackamas County achieves the health metrics the state set for return to school buildings. This may take many weeks or several months. For students in our Online School, distance learning will continue all year.

Is there a possibility of moving to Hybrid Learning? When could that happen?
Yes. If our region achieves the health metrics set by the state, our teacher-led program will shift to Hybrid Learning, with two cohorts of students alternating between in-class and at-home learning. In-class learning will happen with careful health protocols. We don’t know when that can happen. For families who opt out of hybrid learning, we will offer Online School, a year-long accredited curriculum.

Can students change from one program to the other?
Yes. Students who need to change programs can do so, but only at the end of a trimester. For the sake of learning continuity, grading, and staff allocation, we will require students to remain in their chosen program for the full term. Please choose carefully.

What resources will be provided to all students?
Students in both programs will be provided with a personal Chromebook for schoolwork. academic supports, social-emotional supports, regular grading, and opportunities to connect with their teacher and peers. Free meals will be provided to all who qualify.

Will you ensure Gladstone High School students can fulfill graduation requirements? Yes. Gladstone High will provide a course selection enabling students to complete all graduation requirements whether in distance or hybrid learning.

Gladstone Teacher-Led Learning

What is Gladstone Teacher-Led Learning?
Gladstone Teacher-Led Learning will offer a more typical school day schedule, substantial learning time, interactive teacher feedback, challenging academics, opportunities to connect with peers, regular grading, student meals, and academic support. We will provide both special education services and English Learner services.

Will classes be real-time or pre-recorded?
Teacher-led instruction will include daily interactive, real-time and pre-recorded video interaction between students, classmates, and teachers at all levels.

What will the Distance Learning and Hybrid programs look like?
Our program will be teacher-designed and teacher-led, providing real-time instruction and academic support.

Will there be a schedule?
Each student will have a regular class schedule for interactive lessons with teachers and peers, time for independent applied learning, and wellness activities.

How much time will students spend learning?
Students will have daily instruction and interaction with teachers and staff, with high expectations for student performance. At a minimum, students will spend at least half their time in teacher-facilitated learning and the remainder doing independent applied learning and practice work.

Will student work be graded?
Teachers will provide timely feedback on student work, and regular grading will resume.

What courses will be offered?
For high school and middle school, electives and advanced courses will be offered along with core academics. Elementary students will receive core academics and specialist instruction.

Will academic support be available?
Support programs will be provided, including special education services and English Learner services.

Will students receive social-emotional support?
Schools will provide a social-emotional support program, with counselors and some partner agencies available to serve students as needed.

How can students connect with their peers?
Students will have the opportunity to connect with peers via regular, real-time video conferencing that includes class discussions and small group work.

Will Academic Support be available?
Teachers will be available to answer questions and help students with assignments during their office hours. Instructional Assistants will provide one-on-one or small group support.

Online School

If daytime instruction or the eventual return to Hybrid Learning won’t work for our family, is there an alternative?
Yes. A year-long  online-only learning option will be provided for students who cannot participate in real-time classes during the school day and those who plan to opt out of an eventual return to hybrid learning due to health risks or family schedules.

What is the platform for Online School?
Gladstone’s Online School will use Schools PLP, a nationally accredited curriculum platform we have already been using for some students at Gladstone High School. 

Will there be any social interaction for students in the Online School?
Students in the Online School will have daily class meetings with a teacher and peers. They will be able to ask their teacher for help when they need academic support on an assignment. They will also be invited to any online school assemblies or clubs that are created. In addition, they will be able to access social-emotional supports and family support programs.

Is Online School free to families?
Yes. There is no cost to families for students who choose this option.

If my children are in Online School, are they still Gladstone students?
Absolutely! Your child will still have access to Gladstone staff, academic supports, meals, social-emotional supports, athletics and clubs [when available] and opportunities to connect online. All high school credits earned in Online School can be applied to a Gladstone Diploma.

Family Supports

Will students eligible for free and reduced-price meals be able to get food?
Yes, free breakfast and lunch pickup will be available to all students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals. We do not yet know the time and schedule for that.

Is the Gladstone Food Pantry open?
Families who need free groceries are invited to visit the Gladstone Food Pantry, open Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The Food Pantry is located on the north side of the Gladstone High School campus off Nelson Lane. You may park on the street, walk down the fire lane toward the school, and follow the signs to the pantry. All are welcome to visit once a week.

Is the Clothes Closet open?
The Clothes Closet is now open, providing free clothing and shoes to youths from birth to age 21. Hours for shoppers are Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Clothes Closet is located on the north side of the Gladstone High School campus off Nelson Lane. You may park on the street, walk down the fire lane toward the school, and follow the signs to the pantry.
To donate: Call Karen at 503.653.7921