Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
2021-22 School Year

[updated 8.31.21] This will be continually updated as we receive new questions and information. The most recent updates will be listed in blue.

What if my question is not answered here?
Email your questions to Leslie Robinette at or call 503.974.5077. She will find the answer to your question, send it to you, and add it to this list.

Starting School in Gladstone

What will the school program look like this fall?
Gladstone schools plan full-day, on-site instruction for students five days a week, offering a full array of classes, athletic programs, clubs, extracurricular activities, service projects, spirit weeks, and meals. Over 95% of Gladstone students have chosen to attend school in person.

Is there an on-line school option?
Gladstone Schools will offer an online-only school option at all grade levels. This self-directed, computer-driven program will require substantial family support for student success, particularly for grades K-5. The district will provide students with a laptop computer. Transfer between online learning and in-person learning is possible at the end of each trimester. Around 4% of Gladstone students have chosen online school.
• Stride K-12 is for grades K-8
• Schools PLP is for grades 9-12

When does school start?
• August 30 for grades K-6 and 9. [Kindergarten and grade 1 have a staggered start. Ask your school secretary for details.]
• August 31 for grades 7-8, grades 10-12, and all Online students.

Where can I find the school calendar?
Here is a printable copy.

What hours is school in session?
• GCCF Kindergarten 8:45 am to 3 p.m. [2 p.m. Wednesday early release]
• John Wetten Elementary 8 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. [1:20 p.m. Wednesday release]
• Kraxberger Middle School 8:40 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. [2:10 p.m. Wednesday release]
• Gladstone High School 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. [2 p.m. Wednesday early release]

Note: There is no early release the first or last week of school.

What school supplies are needed?

Will breakfasts and lunches be free for all students?
Yes. Nothing is required for students to access a free meal. Students can just go to the cafeteria when breakfast or lunch is served and select what they would like to eat.

Is there a chance in-person students will return to distance learning?
We do not expect any long-term return to distance learning. However, if a large outbreak of COVID-19 occurs in a school, it’s possible classes would need to temporarily shift to distance learning for a 14 day quarantine. It is also possible that individual students will be quarantined for 14 days following close exposure to a COVID-positive individual or if they exhibit symptoms or test positive. Exposure is defined as contact for 15 cumulative minutes or more within 6 feet of someone with COVID-19.

Online School

When will my student receive a chromebook?
Chromebooks for Online School students will be distributed Monday, August 31 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Gladstone District Office, 17789 Webster Road.

When is the first day of Online School?
Online students will start school on Tuesday, August 31.

How do I sign up my child for online school?
Notify your school principal.

Who is the online school contact?
This year, please contact the school office.

Can my student attending the online program take band or PE at school?
We are still determining the answer to this question.

Can my student move to the online program? How?
Transfers between programs can be made at the end of each trimester. [November 19 and March 4]. To request a change, notify your school principal a week before the term ends.

What is the process if I want my student to return to in-person learning?
Transfers between programs can be made at the end of each trimester. [November 19 and March 4]. To request a change, notify your school principal a week before the term ends.

Health Safety

When are masks required? [ODE language]

The mask rule requires everyone, including students, staff, contractors, volunteers, and visitors, to wear a mask when in an indoor setting:

● At school during regular school hours
Engaged in educational activities such as field trips or off-campus classes during regular school hours, or
• At school engaged in educational activities outside of regular school hours.
• On school buses, by Federal mandate for all passengers over age 2 at all times

When are masks not required? [ODE language]
Masks are not required when:
• Actively eating or drinking
• Playing a musical instrument that requires using the mouth
• Is attending a preschool program or is under five years of age; unless an individual is using public transportation including school buses in which case an individual under two years of age is not required to wear a mask, or
• Is practicing or playing a competitive extracurricular sport at any level.

OHA’s K-12 face covering rule (OAR 333-019-1015) has been updated to clarify the following:

  • The rule now requires all individuals five (5) years of age and older to wear a face covering while indoors in a K-12 school, during school hours.
  • Children under 5 who are learning in preschool classrooms that operate in school settings are not required to wear face coverings. In any early learning program that serves 0 to 5 year old’s, students are not required to wear a face covering. 
  • A person is not required to wear a face covering indoors when playing a competitive extracurricular sport at any level.
  • Are masks required outdoors while at school? [ODE language]
    No, studies have shown that the virus is much less likely to be transmitted outdoors. That is why, under OHA rules and guidance, it is acceptable for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to be outdoors without a face covering. Check with your local county officials to learn more about masks outdoors in public settings.  

Are masks required for indoor sports? [ODE language]
Masks are not required for athletes in competitive extracurricular sports while the athletes are actively competing or practicing.  A key difference is that non-educational programs before and after school such as sports are voluntary, unlike attending school and some required educational programming before and after school, which are mandatory. Face masks are strongly recommended, however. Also, each school should strongly consider participation in the diagnostic screening program for voluntary extracurricular activities. More information on this is available from the Oregon School Activities Association. 

Are masks required when singing?
Yes, masks are required while singing indoors. The only times an individual is not required to wear a mask is when the exceptions listed above apply. 

Are masks required on school buses?
Yes, everyone age two or older must wear a mask while riding a school bus.

​​Are masks required during educational activities away from school or after school?
Yes, the requirements are the same for educational activities such as field trips or off-campus classes, or after school hours, as for in classrooms during school hours.  

Will schools provide masks for students?
Yes, schools will have masks available for students who forget their masks or lose them or if they get dirty.

Can a student be exempted from wearing a mask?
A small number of students with documented medical issues that prevent mask wearing may be exempt. Talk to your school principal for more information.

What should I do if I don’t want my student to wear a mask?
Students should apply to our online school as soon as possible.

What airflow precautions do schools have in place?
Currently Gladstone schools have 100% fresh air intake with no recirculation within the building. In all schools, we are now working to upgrade to hospital-quality air handling, installing UV-C technology in each air handling unit. UV-C is 99.97% effective in cleaning air for viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

The UV-C technology works by using ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the airflow system, a highly effective method of destroying microorganisms.The cost of the project is covered by federal funds for upgrades needed due to COVID-19. That work will be completed this fall.

Where can my student get a COVID-19 vaccine?
In partnership with Clackamas County Public Health and Providence Health Services, several free COVID-19 vaccine clinics will be provided in the Gladstone High School cafeteria from 4 to 7 p.m. on these Wednesdays:
• September 8
• September 29
• October 20
• November 10
• December 1

Anyone age 12 and older is welcome to get their first or second Pfizer vaccine [now FDA approved]. These are drop-in events with no sign-up or registration required. At each event, students who attend will have the opportunity to get screened for other vaccinations they may be behind on.

Will COVID-19 tests be available?
Yes, any symptomatic student or staff member at school can take a self-administered antigen rapid test if the student’s parent has provided permission in advance.

Will school staff vaccinations be required?
All school staff, volunteers, and contractors will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 18.  There are some possible exceptions for medical issues or sincere religious beliefs. For details, contact the Human Resources Department.

Will student vaccinations be required?
At this time, COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for students.

Gladstone Schools follows guidance from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) in regards to which vaccinations are required for students to attend our schools and what exemptions are acceptable. At this time, ODE and OHA have not required the COVID-19 vaccine for students, ages 12-17. If that changes in the coming weeks or months, we’ll follow state guidance.

Will COVID-19 testing be available?
Yes. In partnership with Oregon Health Sciences University, Gladstone Schools will provide free weekly COVID-19 testing to anyone who wants it. For students age 14 or younger, this will require parent/guardian permission. This will begin in September, date TBA. More details will be provided when we know more.

What social distancing protocols are in place?
Students and staff will remain three feet apart to the extent possible during all activities.

What are the safety protocols for restroom use?
To minimize contact with others, restroom use will only admit 1-4 students at a time depending on the facility.

What hand washing protocols will be in place?
Frequent handwashing or use of hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will continue in schools. Students will be reminded on school entry, before meals, after bathroom use, at recess, and at school dismissal. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the building and in classrooms.

What cleaning protocols will be in place?
Thorough cleaning routines remain in place, with frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, school buses, and cafeteria tables.

Will visitors or volunteers be allowed in schools?
To minimize exposure to COVID-19, no visitors or volunteers will be allowed to enter schools at this time. Please contact the school by phone or email, or set up a Zoom conference if a meeting with school staff is needed.

Will students be in cohorts?
Students in grades K-5 will remain in their classroom cohort. Middle school students and high school students will move between classes, protected by social distancing, masking, and for some, vaccines.

Will students share supplies?
Sharing of supplies will be limited.

Where can I find out more about state health rules for schools?
Frequently Asked Questions on Schools and COVID-19

Quarantine [ODE language]

What if there is an outbreak? At what point would schools return to remote or distance learning? 
ODE has developed a resource for school and district leaders, Planning for COVID-19 Scenarios in Schools, to help support their efforts in managing COVID-19 scenarios at school. The resource contains template tools for communicating with students, staff and families. One of the primary partners school districts will rely on in the case of an outbreak is their county health department. Depending on the course of the pandemic and on outbreaks in particular schools, it could be that some schools could need to shift to remote instruction. This will be a case-by-case decision that will need to be made based on the specific circumstances of that school and community.

Why did ODE tell school districts to prepare for remote learning?
We have asked schools to be prepared for online instruction if necessary. If, indeed, a school must turn to online learning, it will be important to have a clear plan and preparations in place, to minimize disruption to students’ education. However, there is currently no statewide decision to move to remote learning if it can be avoided. 

Quarantine [Gladstone language]

When should I keep my child home from school?
If a student tests positive for COVID-19 or they are exhibiting a fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, a new loss of taste or smell the student should stay home and consult a medical professional.

What happens if a student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms at school?
If a student exhibits or complains of any COVID-like symptoms, an adult will accompany the student to the school’s Extra Care [Isolation] Room. A health professional will then take the student’s temperature. If the student presents with COVID-like symptoms or symptoms warranting exclusion, the student will be instructed to wait in the isolation room until a parent/guardian can pick up the student. The student will be encouraged to see a health care provider for evaluation.

When will quarantine be required?
If mask use was maintained in the classroom, then each person that the confirmed case was in contact with (for a cumulative total of 15 minutes) will need to be quarantined. However, per the Clackamas County Public Health Department, if the exposed student is vaccinated AND asymptomatic, the exposed student would not have to quarantine.


The county health department and our school nurse will be looking at close contact in the classroom, in the cafeteria and on the bus to determine which students need to be quarantined, and for how long.

Will parents be notified if there are cases or outbreaks in their child’s school or on the school bus?
We would notify families of a positive or presumptive COVID-19 case once we receive confirmation from the Clackamas County Health Department. Close contacts will be notified as soon as they’re identified.

If a student’s parent/guardian, sibling or immediate family member tests positive for COVID-19 and that student quarantines, will other students who’ve been around that student need to quarantine?
No. Only unvaccinated students who are determined to have been in close contact with a positive or presumptive positive case need to quarantine.

What if my question is not answered here?
Email your questions to or call 503.974.5077.