Gladstone Schools get top rating for Return on Investment


Gladstone schools get top rating for return on investment

A national study by the Center for American Progress ranked Gladstone Schools among the nation’s best in return on investment for efficient use of tax dollars to achieve learning success with students.

The study assessed the educational productivity of more than 7,000 school districts by measuring the achievement that a school district produces relative to its spending while controlling for factors outside a district’s control, such as the cost of living and the number of students living in poverty.

Gladstone schools were commended for strong performance reading at all levels, and excellence in middle school and high school math.

“Oregon’s budget downturn from 2008 to 2013 was a challenging time for all Oregon schools,” said Superintendent Bob Stewart. “Despite that, we succeeded in maintaining elementary music, P.E., and technology classes. We also added full day kindergarten, a Saturday School program, robotics, and more Advanced Placement and college credit classes. All these programs boosted academic success for Gladstone students.”

“Despite the economic downturn, Gladstone schools have continued to make substantial progress in student learning,” said Superintendent Bob Stewart. “Adding full-day kindergarten, Saturday School, and more college credit classes have increased our graduation rate by 15% in the past four years, while also raising student achievement. I am very proud of what our team has accomplished.”

The CAP report on Gladstone Schools is available online: