Graduation rate high and rising

Grad rate high and rising at Gladstone High

Gladstone’s class of 2017 had a district graduation rate of nearly 86 percent. That is 9 percent over the state average, and more than an 8 percent increase for the district in five years.

“I give credit to our students and teachers working together to achieve this success in the classroom.  We’ve worked hard to address the individual needs of students,” said Principal Kevin Taylor. “This year we changed our school schedule to provide daily after school teacher support and also added a new credit recovery program.”

Several student groups showed strong increases over time. Special education students had more than a 29 percent increase in graduation rates over the past five years and this year topped the state average by 17 percent.

Gladstone’s economically disadvantaged students made a gain of more than 16 percent in three years, with 2017 graduates beating the state average by nearly 10 percent.

Gladstone boys also had improved graduation rates, with an increase of 13 percent in three years. This year they beat the state average by nearly 9 percent. Underserved races and ethnicities in Gladstone also outpaced the state average, by over 5 percent.

“We are proud to show continuous improvement and achieve a graduation rate among the best in the state,” said Superintendent Bob Stewart. “Our goal is that within 3 years our graduation rate will exceed 90 percent.  We believe that we have put necessary student supports in place to achieve this goal.”