Graduation rate hits historic high


Gladstone graduation rate hits historic high

Gladstone’s class of 2018 had a district graduation rate of over 88 percent, up nearly 3 percent from the previous year. The rate, a historic high, is more than 9 percent above the state average. In the past five years, the district raised the graduation rate over 9 percent.

“I have to give a lot of the credit to our teachers, who work so hard to personalize instruction. Because our school is smaller, they can really connect with their students and get to know them, offering early interventions when kids need extra help,” said Principal Kevin Taylor. “One new strategy is online course options and development of individual graduation plans and schedules to help our at-risk students find success and graduate on time.”

Gladstone students with disabilities made a dramatic improvement, with over 83 percent graduating on time, up 7 percent from the previous year. These students surpassed the state average by over 22 percent.

Gladstone’s Latino and Hispanic students had an on-time graduation rate of over 90 percent, surpassing the state average by nearly 17 percent. Their graduation rate in Gladstone increased by over 18 percent in the past five years.

Economically disadvantaged students in Gladstone improved 24 percent over the past five years, with more than 88 percent graduating on time.

“We are proud of the strong gains we’ve made, and plan to continue working to improve graduation rates,” said Superintendent Bob Stewart. “Increasing career-technical programs like engineering is one way we’re engaging students to explore opportunities and plan for their future career.”