Booster Club

What is the Gladstone Booster Club?

The Gladstone Booster Club raises funds for our various teams, clubs and activities by coordinating the operation of our Snack Shacks (located outside at the turf field and inside by the main gymnasium).

Who is the Gladstone Booster Club?

The Gladstone Booster Club is a team of volunteers from the Gladstone community. It is made up of a Board of Directors, Members at Large, and Volunteer Workers. The Board of Directors conduct monthly meet once a month to plan for the coming month, make sure the Snack Shacks are clean and operating at peak performance, and work with our Members at Large. Our Members at Large shop for supplies and food to ensure our Snack Shacks are fully stocked for game/event day. And our Volunteer Workers operate the Snack Shack during the games/events.

Where is the Gladstone Booster Club headed in the future?

Sadly, if all stays as it is, the Gladstone Booster Club will close down at the end of this school year. Our current Board and Members at Large total just 5 people, and only 1 has a student currently attending GHS. Some will be stepping down, leaving just a couple members to do it all. It is not sustainable. UPDATE: We have a few community members who have stepped up to assist in the daily operations (Thank you!) but we need more! 

What can you do?

You can do a lot! With many hands makes light work. And we NEED more hands!

First, join us at our next meeting. Our next meeting will be held at Gladstone High School, in the cafeteria, Tuesday, July 12th @ 6:00pm. We still have some open board positions. Each position varies a bit in how much time is required to do them, but they are typically a 2-4 hour commitment each week. We need a President (this can be more than one person), Vice President, and Volunteer Coordinator. (For job descriptions, send an email to to request a copy.)

Second, this meeting would also be a great way to get more information about becoming a Member at Large or a Volunteer Worker.  These are step-up-to-the-plate type of positions, no vote required. Depending on the week and how many members we have helping, this is typically about a 2 hour commitment each week.

For more information, please email us at or join us at the June 1st meeting. Hope to see you there!