Choosing a College

There are hundreds of colleges and universities. How do you find the right one for you?

1) Explore on-line.  The College Board offers a number of different tools to help you with your search.
Quick Start Guide:

Find your college fit:

2) Try an on-line college search tool: Enter your preferences, and this tool will provide a short list of best-fit schools to meet your needs.

3)  Compare colleges.  A side-by-side comparison can help you find the right fit.

4) Visit a college fair. If college representatives visit your high school, go talk with them. This may happen during the school day or in the evening.

5) Plan some campus visits. To really get a feel for a university, you need to go visit the campus. Many families do this the summer before senior year. Here’s advice on planning your trip:

6) Consider an on-line college.   Thanks to the Internet, students can access classes at dozens of colleges and universities without leaving home. Find out more here: