College Entrance Exam Options: SAT & ACT

College Entrance Exam Options
If your student is considering attending a four-year college or university he/she will most likely be required to take one of two entrance exams, the SAT or the ACT. To prepare for this, all sophomores will take the PSAT at school.

SAT/PSAT Preparation Information
Spending time preparing for the SAT will help to ensure a strong score.
There are several activities that will help assist your student in this
endeavor. Listed below are some activities that would be of benefit.

1. Take the PSAT again during junior year. This test
provides information to the student on their strengths and gives
specific feedback on areas to focus on in preparation of the SAT. It
provides access to a special website where an individualized SAT
preparation plan is developed based on your student’s PSAT scores.
Juniors who excel may receive National Merit honors or scholarships.

2. Access the College Board website. This site (
provides information on the type of test questions, how the exam is
scored, and a variety of other information. The most practical
assistance it provides is the opportunity to take practice tests.

3. Enroll in an SAT Preparation class offered by the Gladstone
Community School. The class is offered three times during the year
for students who want to brush up on their skills in preparation for
the exam.

4. Another option is the fee-based online SAT preparation course is also available through the College Board.

5. SAT Study Guides and Preparation Booklets are available for student
check-out in the GHS library and through the Counseling Office.

ACT (American College Test) Preparation Information
At this time please refer to the ACT website for more information. It is
located at

If you have any questions concerning the ACT or SAT, please contact your
student’s counselor at 503–655–2544