Contact List 2022-23

All staff phone numbers begin with 503.655.2544. Individual extensions are listed below. 

Akamay, Azure 456 ELL/ELD     (WLK-638) A107
Aker, Cody 403 Athletic Director Main Office
Arnold, Seth 437 Band C112
Baker, Vicki 404 Registrar Counseling
Bell, Stefanie 400 Head Secretary Main Office
Brewster, Mike Custodial (evening)
Browning, Ashley 429 Student Center Coord. Student Center
Browning, Ryan 459 Social Studies F111
Creek, Kirsten 436 Dir. of Food Services Kitchen Office
Crosby, Brad 455 Math E105
Crystal, Shelby 491 Health/9th Discovery D109
Antonia Mondejar Palazon 462 Spanish D101
Durkin, Mary 463 Special Services A104
Dyk, Tim 433 Special Services A105
Ellingson, Jake 441 Photography/Yearbook K101 Shop
Feuerstein, Ali 418 Student/Staff Wellness/ Homeless Liaison J121
Foteff, Sarah 413 Bookkeeper Counseling Ctr
Freeby, Michaela 488 Science B103
Hale, Jeanetta 412 Attendance Counseling Ctr
Herbers, Adam 450 Math E107
Heuberger, Anna 452 Social Studies E102
Hohbach, Rachel 485 Math E103
Hollowell, Jack 493 Health/PE D102
Howell, Alison 430 Career/College Spec. A110
Jeffrey, Kerry 407 Learning/Assess.Spec. Staff Room Office
Jenson, Jamie 406 Counselor (L-Z) Counseling Ctr
Johnson, Brian 483 Science B101
Just, Lisa 444 Library Library
Keidel, Josh 421 District Psychologist D108
Kenner, Rachel 402 Speech Pathologist Staff Room Office
Kuhn, Melissa 490 Food Services Kitchen
Kuntz, Brad 475 Spanish F107
LEEP ESD Classroom 435 (503) 496-3942 F108
Libron, Joel Custodial (days)
Long, Dusty 442 Applied Technology B109 / B110
Long, Paula 460 Technology/Graphics B110  /  B111
Lopez, Erick 481 Social Studies D110
Martin, Paulette 425 Health Assistant Main Office
Mendoza, Jose Custodial (evening)
Motes, Vassa 422 YTP Main Office
Nelson, Tobin 424 English/LA E106
O’Dell, Paige 473 Science B106
Proctor, Kelsey 494 English/LA A106
Prom, Lynnda 414 Math/Student Success E104
Rich, Chris 409  /  443 Art + Ceramics C129 & C134
Robinette, Leslie 410 Communications Main Office
Rogers, Kase 420 Campus Monitor Counseling Ctr
Rolik, Erin 449 Special Services IA Varies
Sause, Heidi 405 Counselor ( A-K ) Counseling Ctr
Schaeffer, Macie 506 PLP Supervisor Student Center
Schuberg, Kristina 467 English/LA C136
Seward, Debbie 490 Food Services Kitchen
Shaner, Scotti 416 Athletic Assistant Main Office
Shinault, Stacy 489 Math/Business E108
Shook, Becca 408 Assistant Principal Main Office
Smith, Emily 472 PE Girls’ locker rm
Stoughton, Tracy Special Services IA Varies
Svangren, Sunni 431 English  A108
Taylor, Kevin 401 Principal Main Office
Troelstrup, Julie 423 Special Services C127
Utterback, Emma 417  Nurse Main Office
Voelker, Amy 490 Food Services Kitchen
Watts, Teresa Special Services IA Varies
Weir, Josh 498 Choir C106
Zerzan, Kevin 479/495 Science/Eng. Tech. B104  /  K102