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First Name Last Name Title Email Building
Joel Libron Custodian GHS
David Just Campus Monitor GHS
Nancy Bailey Interim Principal GHS
Rob Staehle Maintenance GHS
Ruth Townsend Cook's Helper GHS
Melissa Kuhn Cook's Helper GHS
Jackie Kersting Cook's Helper GHS
Laurel Winchester LEEP Teacher GHS
Cindy Bakke MESD Nurse GHS
Sasha Salko Library Asst. GHS
Josh Weir Choir GHS
John Simmons Learning Specialist/Yearbook GHS
Jacob Rondema Language Arts/Career Center GHS
Hao Li Chinese GHS
Brian Johnson Science GHS
Ben Bruhn Social Studies GHS
Seth Arnold Band GHS
Heidi Emch Registrar GHS
Kim Mahi Speech Pathologist GHS
Kerry Jeffrey Assessment Specialist GHS
Cathy Warner Math GHS
Stacy Shinault Math / Business GHS
Mike Leone Engineering Technology GHS
Gunnar Cederberg P.E./Health GHS
Cody Aker Science GHS
Siri Carlson Language Arts GHS
Katy Pearson Language Arts GHS
Kristine Straw Health GHS
Daniel Myers Math GHS
Ryan Browning Social Studies GHS
Leslie Robinette Grant Writer/Communications GHS
Michelle Keizer Business GHS
Matt Misley Social Studies GHS
Marie Couch Dishwasher GHS
Gina Blevins Cooks Helper GHS
Kevin Zerzan Science GHS
Dolores Youngsma Head Custodian GHS
Ted Yates Athletic Director GHS
Casey Webster Math GHS
Teresa Watts Instructional Assistant GHS
Amy Voelker Head Cook GHS
Mark Travers Custodian GHS
Brenden Thwing Business / Art GHS
Susan Stobie Instructional Assistant GHS
Kristina Schuberg Language Arts GHS
Teresa Romick Cooks Helper GHS
Chris Rich Art GHS
Lynnda Prom Math GHS
Debbie Poyser Bookkeeper GHS
Ellen Peck Principal's Secretary GHS
Tobin Nelson Language Arts GHS
Shirley Loeffler Media Specialist / Business GHS
Brad Kuntz Spanish GHS
Joan Kintz Health/PE GHS
Melinda Johnson Attendance Secretary GHS
Jon Jedrykowski Learning Specialist GHS
Bill Jacques Maintenance GHS
Kris Hill Custodian GHS
Ellen Toothacker Technology Assistant II GHS
Marlee Frazier Instructional Assistant GHS
Linda Fletcher Learning Specialist GHS
Denise Durkee Athletic Secretary GHS
Toni DePeel Youth Transition Program GHS
Brad Crosby Math GHS
Jeremy Clark Spanish GHS
Rebecca Chitkowski Chemistry/ Physics GHS
Jamie Jenson Counselor L-Z GHS
Lennie Bjornsen Director of Student & Family Support GHS
Sonya Barker Counselor A-K GHS
Patti Alexander Vice Principal GHS