Earning College Credits at GHS

Taking college level courses in high school has two advantages:
1) It prepares you to do college level work.
2) You can earn college credits at low cost, while giving yourself a head start toward a degree.

Gladstone High offers 3 kinds of opportunities to earn college credits!

AP or Advanced Placement courses offer college level work.  Depending on your scores on the course exam, your college may grant you college credits. Gladstone’s AP classes include:
AP Government
AP U.S. History
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP Biology

College classes offered at Gladstone High School
College instructors from CCC come to the GHS campus and teach classes here for college credit. Course options vary, but may include:
Psychology 101
Psychology 205
Sociology 204
Sociology 205
Criminal Justice 110
Criminology 101

Dual credit opportunities allow you to earn Advanced College Credit from CCC for a reduced price while completing high school requirements. To find out more, visit: http://depts.clackamas.edu/acc/  Classes offered include: 
Accounting IB & IIB
Graphic Design I, II, & III
Advanced Senior English
AP Calculus A & B
Computer Technician
Marketing II
Microsoft Applications
Pre-Calculus B
Spanish IIIB, IVA, and IVB
Transition Advanced Math B
Visual Basic Programming
Web Design