Entry Protection System

Each school’s perimeter doors are kept locked and classroom doors have inside door locks. Schools have video cameras in strategic locations so staff can monitor entry points from a video monitor.

The school has a new buzz-in video doorbell system at the main entrance, with staff closely monitoring who goes in and out.

Here’s how it works:  Visitors who need to enter the building during school hours stand in front of the camera near the front entrance at each school and push the “call” button. There are signs to show where the call buttons and cameras are.

The staff inside the building can see who is requesting entry to the building. They can answer the “call” and talk to the visitor via the speaker near the call button and unlock the doors for entrance.  Upon entering the building, visitors are required to check in at the main office.

We continue our longstanding practice of locking side and back doors during school hours, except during passing time when teachers are present to supervise each door.