Graduation Rate


Gladstone graduation rate hits historic high

The Gladstone District four-year graduation rate is 89.57%, a historic high. The district rate is over 11% higher than 5 years ago, and 9.56% above the state average. Gladstone High School’s graduation rate was 91.25%, among the best in Oregon.

“Over the past three years, new support programs and high-interest electives helped propel our graduation rate,” said Gladstone High principal Kevin Taylor. “Our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community working together have made a real and significant difference in student success. As a small school with big opportunities, we are immensely proud of our students’ accomplishments, well above the state average.”

Gladstone again showed strong district wide performance by historically underserved groups. In 2019, nearly 78% of students with disabilities graduated in 4 years, a rate more than 14% above the state average. That’s a district improvement of nearly 28% in the past five years.

Of Gladstone’s Hispanic/Latino students, 84.62% graduated in four years, a rate 8.42% above the state average. That’s a district improvement of 12.62% in the past five years.

Over 82% of the district’s economically disadvantaged students graduated on time, a rate 7.85% above the state average. The district improved their graduation rate 18.77% in the past five years.

“This is a proud day for Gladstone, with a record high graduation rate,” said Superintendent Bob Stewart. “While we won’t be satisfied until every student has a diploma, we’re excited to see the impact of our new support programs and our work on culturally responsive teaching.”