Scholarship Websites – to sign up for your Personal Identification Number, necessary for completing online FAFSA forms. – help with preparing your financial aid forms, this tool lets you estimate the amount of aid you may receive with the past year tax information.  federal financial aid form available January 1st of each year for the following school year. You can fill information out earlier, save it and then make changes once tax information is available for the current year, before you submit the application.

www.getcollegefunds.orgOregon Student Assistance Commission

One application for 400 different scholarships, for Oregon residents! OSAC Administers a variety of state, federal and private funded awards available to Oregon students. The website offers many great tools and information about regarding financial aid. Applications open in November, they are due in February, but students who submit applications starting in January are eligible for an additional $500 scholarship drawing. My College dollars claims to be the most extensive search engine for college funds. It not only presents a high number of possibility scholarship contests, it’s also linked to FAFSA, collegeboard (register for SATs!) and other essential websites! This site provides great tools for searching for colleges, helping you find ways to pay for college and helps students create and save a plan to get them to college. Very user friendly and students can easily access a plan they have previously started. – Performs a college and financial aid search to determine the best combination of academics and affordability.

www.gmsp.orgBills Gates Millennium Scholarship
Over $1 Billion dollars available for minority students, seeking higher education in areas if highest need such as medicine, education, engineering, mathematics and public health, always making sure that any pharmacy negligence don’t take place. The scholarship has a January deadline. – Complete a user profile to access information about scholarships, loans, and other various financial aid programs. Students can search for colleges based on personal preferences. There are also many handy tools for preparing for college entrance tests and for preparing for college academics. – Official Ameri-Corps website, showcasing national service learning opportunities. Students can access any number of resources on this website, helping them explore the options and steps to pursuing organized community service projects after graduation.

www.iefa.orgInternational Education Financial Aid
Search the data base for international education and funding opportunities. For those students who want to leave the United States to pursue international opportunities. search for hundreds of scholarships, search for colleges and students can fill out a public profile that will let them compete nationally against their peers for a $20,000 scholarship in a tournament style bracket format.– great planning tools and college information. The college search tool is very useful, helping you compare selected schools in such categories as proximity to cities, cost, size, college prep scores averages. Each search selection links you to the school’s website. – Scholarships applications and college search information. Students can input their personal information and search selections to help narrow down both aid applications and college choices. – Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation is committed to helping students maximize their academic award potential. On this site students can apply for their share of $2 Billion! There are many useful tools including a scholarship timeline, scholarship writing tools, resources and searches.

www.collegefund.orgAmerican Indian College Fund
Founded by 30 tribal colleges, provides assistance for Native American students. This website will help all Native American students explore what aid options are made available for their specific educational goals. News and World Report
This website can provide the latest College ranks, funding & scholarship information.

www.uncf.orgUnited Negro College Fund
Assists students with information about the 105 historically black colleges and universities. The site offers a large number of student scholarships. – This website is a central source to search for financial aid resources, meeting a profile that you create. There are tools to help you understand all sources of funding available to you. – Search by scholarship or create a profile, the engine will help you find funds. The Mach25 database has over 600,000 scholarships with awards totaling over $1.6 billion. You can also use the college search engine to help you narrow down ideal college options, based on your personal criteria. – CollegeData has over 565,00 scholarships – totaling $3 billion available to students. They find tools, advice, and facts to assist with their search for college funding. – This site is hosted by financial aid authors, and offers you anything you could ask for in a college plan! There are student, graduate and parent section. There are scholarships, books, explanations, application advice, and question/answer opportunities.


Financial Aid Resources  – Sallie Mae sponsored site
This site displays excellent information about funding your educational process. There are tools and resources for students and parents. You can find answers to any funding related question on this well thought out and designed website. Service Press
Service that collects in-print and electronic information on scholarship, loans, awards, and internships. Peterson’s
A glossary of terms, articles that address scholarship myths and financial aid. A how-to for families to help navigate the costs of higher education.