Post-High School Planning

Options for life after graduation:

  • 1-2 year degree or certification at a community college
  • 2 year transfer degree from community college
  • 4 year college university
  • Trade school
  • Armed forces
  • Workforce
  • Gap year community serviceSteps for applying to college:
  • visitations
  • SAT or ACT tests
  • Completing the applications
  • Ordering transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial Aid
  • NCAA athletic information

College visitations:

  • Tour dates available on college websites
  • Visitation opportunities often include scholarship contests
  • Handouts to help guide your visit available in the counseling center
  • Stepping on campus can be one of the strongest indicators of fit

College entrance exams:

  • ACT – covers Math, Reading, Science, Writing
  • Writing is necessary, make sure you sign up for that component!
  • Cost is $62.50
  • Sign up is online @
  • SAT- covers Math, Reading and Writing
  • Sign ups are online @
  • Cost is $64.50 with essay or $47.50 without essay.
  • See your counselor if you may need a fee waiver
  • Remember that colleges and universities may use your scores as part of class placement
  • Be sure to send your scores to prospective schools, there is $10 fee to send later. You are responsible for making sure your final score arrives at your school of choice.

    Applications and Transcripts

    • Common application and both require a counselor recommendation, please make an appointment with your counselor when you start these.
    • Transcripts are ordered through our registrar Mrs. Baker in the counseling center, you complete the four several days in advance.

Letters of recommendation

  • There are helpful packets to get you started in the counseling center
  • Identify the need for the letter
  • These letters can take personal time to write and they are higher quality if they are more specific
  • Important considerations
  • Try to give people two weeks for people to complete letters/forms
  • Submit a list of accomplishments/activities when asking someone for a letter
  • Provide a stamped envelope when the letter needs to be mailed
  • Remember to send/deliver thank you notes!

Find out about college athletics

If you are eligible and interested in competing in collegiate athletics you will need to register with the clearinghouse.

  • You need a minimum 16 core credits to be eligible, C- or higher
  • There is a registration fee, $65 as part of the application process
  • You can find the website on Google, or see your counselor or coach for more info.
  • has great planning tips for prospective student athletes

Now what?

  • Start your applications for your specific plan


  • Technical Program research/application
  • Save money!!
  • College applications
  • Scholarships
  • The counseling center has scholarship handouts, videos & college guides available for your use!

Planning meetings for all seniors

  • Goal setting meetings will happen for all seniors with their counselor
  • You will receive tools to help you with carrying out your plan
  • Please attend when appointment slips are sent!
  • You can still pop by and ask questions throughout the process