Post-High School Planning

Options for life after graduation:

  • 1-2 degree at a community college
  • 2 year transfer degree from community college
  • 4 year college university
  • Trade school
  • Armed forces
  • Workforce
  • Gap year community service

    Steps for applying to college:

  • visitations
  • SAT or ACT tests
  • Completing the applications
  • Ordering transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial Aid
  • NCAA athletic information

College visitations:

  • Tour dates available on college websites
  • Visitation opportunities often include scholarship contests
  • Handouts to help guide your visit available in the counseling center
  • Stepping on campus can be one of the strongest indicators of fit

The national college fair is November 2nd and 3rd at the Oregon convention center, handouts available – 283 colleges will be represented!

College entrance exams:

  • ACT – covers Math, Reading, Science, Writing
  • Writing is necessary, make sure you sign up for that component!
  • Cost is $54.50
  • Sign up is online @
  • SAT- covers Math, Reading and Writing
  • Sign ups are online @
  • Cost is $52.50
  • See your counselor if you may need a fee waiver
  • Remember that colleges and universities may use your scores as part of class placement
  • Be sure to send your scores to prospective schools, there is $10 fee to send later. You are responsible for making sure your final score arrives at your school of choice.Applications and Transcripts

    • Common application and both require a counselor recommendation, please make an appointment with your counselor when you start these.
    • Transcripts are ordered through our registrar Mrs. Misley in the counseling center, you complete the four several days in advance.

Letters of recommendation

  • There are helpful packets to get you started in the counseling center
  • Identify the need for the letter
  • These letters can take personal time to write and they are higher quality if they are more specific
  • Important considerations
  • Try to give people two weeks for people to complete letters/forms
  • Submit a list of accomplishments/activities when asking someone for a letter
  • Provide a stamped envelope when the letter needs to be mailed
  • Remember to send/deliver thank you notes!

Find out more about paying for college

  • Attend Paying for College presentation at GHS November 20th at 6 p.m.
  • A college financial representative will be here to walk families through the process
  • CCC will also be here to help students register for college credits
  • Information about FAFSA, grants, federal and state aid will be discussed
  • Parents and students can ask specific questions
  • Helpful resources will also be available for attendees
  • CCC will hold a financial aid night help sessions as well, listen to announcements for dates

Find out about college athletics

If you are eligible and interested in competing in collegiate athletics you will need to register with the clearinghouse.

  • You need a minimum 16 core credits to be eligible, C- or higher
  • There is a registration fee, $75 as part of the application process
  • You can find the website on Google, or see your counselor or coach for more info.
  • has great planning tips for prospective student athletes

Now what?

  • Start your applications for your specific plan

– Resumes

  • Technical Program research/application
  • Save money!!
  • College applications
  • Scholarships
  • Check the GHS College board for updated info and visitations
  • The counseling center has scholarship handouts, videos & college guides available for your use!

Planning meetings for all seniors

  • Goal setting meetings will happen for all seniors with their counselor
  • You will receive tools to help you with carrying out your plan
  • Please attend when appointment slips are sent!
  • You can still pop by and ask questions throughout the process

College & Career Day

  • Wednesday October 15th is designed to help you work on your path of choice
  • You will have time to explore institutions, industry, occupational areas of interest and how to pay for your plan
  • There will be rotations to make sure you have a chance to see/experience all offerings