How we communicate

Transparent communication with families is a priority, and our sincere hope is that it will be two-way communication. We want to hear from you, knowing that involving parents in their child’s education is one of the biggest factors in student success.

Emergency Communications:  Know that we will inform families as quickly as possible about any incidents in or near your child’s school. For example, a snow storm requiring us to close school early or a stranger danger incident in the community. While such things happen rarely, our district team has an incident response plan, and communicating with families is a key part. Our district communication system School Connects can be used to send emails and rapid autodial phone calls to all families as needed. If there is an emergency involving your child, we would, of course, contact you in person.

Flash Alerts:  For Snow Day closure or school delay announcements, you have the option of signing up for Flash Alerts, which go out as soon as the Superintendent makes the decision. While we will notify you by email or phone and in other ways, this is an option you can choose if you wish. Sign up here.

School Secretaries: 
If you have a question but don’t know whom to ask, start by calling your school secretary! If she doesn’t know, she can point you in the right direction:

GCCF/Kindergarten: Heidi Smith.. 503.496.3939 ……………
John Wetten: Linda Alberico……..503.656.6564…………….
Kraxberger: Nohemi Saldana……. (503) 655-3636…………
Gladstone High: Stefani Bell…….. (503) 655-2544………………

Weekly News Blast:
  This email newsletter goes out to all families and staff and also subscribers every Wednesday or Thursday, with 4-6 news items and photos about events, student accomplishments, and innovative programs in Gladstone Schools. To subscribe, email Leslie Robinette at

Facebook:  Follow the Gladstone Schools Facebook page. We post once a day with news about happenings in our schools. This is a good place to find out about community events and fundraisers that benefit our schools.

The Glad Report Community Newsletter:  This newsletter is mailed out across the Gladstone community and to all parents with news about Gladstone Schools. It will arrive three times a year: In October, in February, and in May.

School Newsletters:  These are emailed to parents once a month, with important news from your child’s school. Watch for calendars, special events, fundraisers, messages from the principal, and more!

Text Messaging: To sign up, text Yes to 67587.

Parent-Teacher conferences: Gladstone prides itself on high attendance at Parent-Teacher conferences. This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher[s] and talk with them about concerns specific to your student. Of course, any time you need to meet with your child’s teacher, you can contact her/him to arrange it.

Websites:  The Gladstone School District website offers information about all four schools. Here you will find unch menus, school news and announcements, teacher contact information, and more. The Gladstone Education Foundation, which raises funds to support our schools, also has a website.

Surveys and focus groups: Once or twice a year, we may email out an on-line survey to ask for family or student input on our schools. We may also invite families to attend focus group meetings to share their views. We value your opinion and appreciate your taking time to share it with us.

If ever you want to provide feedback about Gladstone school communications, please contact Communications Coordinator Leslie Robinette at or phone 503.974.5077. Tell us how we can better meet your needs!