Gladstone’s hospital-quality air standards a first for Oregon schools
In April, the Gladstone School District completed installation of UV-C technology in all school ventilation systems. The technology is 99.97% effective in cleaning air for viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 and influenza.

“This is a groundbreaking project,” said Facilities Manager Ryan Johnson. “We are excited to be the first school district in Oregon to improve school air quality to hospital standards.”

The UV-C technology works by using ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the airflow system, a highly effective method of destroying microorganisms. The cost of the project is covered by federal funds for upgrades needed due to COVID-19. The project took longer to complete than expected due to supply-chain issues, but the majority of work was done before the omicron surge.

Gladstone School District is committed to keeping students, staff and community safe by continually monitoring our HVAC systems. The most current reports may not be linked here. If you are looking for a specific report, or have a question, please do not hesitate to call the district office, 503.655.2777.

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