AVID Plan for 2017-18

Student Planners:
Kraxberger’s AVID team designed and printed a Planner students can use as an organizational tool and provided one for each student.  Each day, students use their planners as a record of their learning in every class, in addition to recording daily homework assignments. The use of the planner increases individual student responsibility for learning, as well as assisting students in time management for class assignments and activities.

Writing to Learn:
Additionally, our school wide AVID focus for 2017-18 is utilizing more writing-to-learn activities. This includes writing in planners, but also includes other activities that utilize writing as a formative learning tool routinely embedded in the learning, not just an end point.
AVID Elective Classes:
All 6th graders attend a 6-week introductory AVID class. The year-long elective class is composed of both 7th and 8th grade students taught by Laura Fuller.