Student Wellness Center

To battle teen anxiety, stress,  and depression, Kraxberger Middle School created  a Wellness Center, where students learn self-calming strategies and talk to a caring adult.

“Students book a 15-minute appointment in advance, teaching them to anticipate when stress will hit and take action to counteract it,” explained Vice Principal Jeff Waters.

The Center was developed in partnership with Trillium Family Service. It has four different rooms so students can choose the strategy that works best for them.

The Tactile Wellness Lab is a dimly lit room with a sand tray to create their own imaginative story line.

The Quiet Wellness Lab is a dark space where students can control the levels of stimuli they are exposed to.

The Thinking Wellness Lab is a cozy nook for study or meditatation, with noise-cancelling headphones.

The Workout Wellness Lab is a space to burn excess energy and release aggression through free weights, resistance bands, or a punching bag.

“I am already noticing the change in students  who use the center to reduce stress or deal with complications in their personal lives,” said center manager Lisa Lee. “This empowers them to find solutions to challenges.”