Kraxberger Middle School is a small community school of approximately 450 students in grades 6-8. It is a place we hope to see young adolescents thrive!

The mid-level years are extremely exciting and critical as students develop in their identity, morals, independence, and critical thinking. We desire to create a place that fosters and supports students’ development in these areas. Our middle level educators enjoy being with young adolescents and understand the dynamics of the ever-changing youth culture.

Our aim will be to make Kraxberger MS a school to watch—a model for other middle schools! Our students encounter a rigorous learning environment and various elective offerings (Art, Band, Choir, STEAM, and Computer Science) or extended learning opportunities (Robotics, Drama, Spanish, Yoga, and Intramural Volleyball).

We encourage your involvement in building a better place for our students! Throughout the year, we will provide opportunities to be involved and lend your voice: School Site Council, volunteer opportunities, and our PTO group. Your involvement in your child’s education is one of the greatest indicators to their success.

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In the service of children,

Heather Bailey