Online School: Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions: Online School

When can I see my student’s class schedule in ParentVue?
Class schedules for Online students in elementary, middle, and high school will be visible in Synergy (StudentVue/ParentVue) on Wednesday, September 16th. (High school courses may take longer to load.)  Note that the way classes are organized is different than a traditionally scheduled day.  Once the school year begins the best way to track your student’s progress will be through the Schools PLP portal.

Elementary school example:
We will begin with a strong focus on Language Arts and Math, and as students become comfortable (and successful) with the program we will ‘turn on’ additional content (science, social studies, etc.)

Middle school example:
At the middle school, students will have math and language arts class content available at all times.  The remaining core courses will be available on a rotation, switching at the midpoint of each trimester.  This is to allow students to focus with more depth on fewer topics at a time.

Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3
Math Math Math
English Language Arts English Language Arts English Language Arts 
Science Social Studies Science Social Studies Science Social Studies

High school example:
At the high school level the schedule is similar, but all courses end at the trimester break.  To earn the credit for each course students MUST complete each concentrated class by the ‘micro-term’ deadline.  Students can move more quickly than the schedule shown, but they will not earn the credit if they do not keep pace.

Trimester 1
9/16 – 10/9       10/12 – 10/30               11/2 – 11/20          11/30 – 12/16

Geometry A Geometry A Geometry A Geometry A
Elective Social Studies I A Biology A English I A

What will a day look like?
There will be two ways to interact with Gladstone staff each day.
1] Every day the grade level group will gather on an optional Daily Meeting Zoom call, much like a ‘homeroom’ or ‘advisory’ meeting.  This is designed to be social, not academic.
2] Students with academic questions for teachers or those needing help navigating the platform may make a Help Desk appointment.

Schedules for both the Daily Meeting and Help Desk times will be posted soon.  Otherwise, the program is designed to be totally flexible for your students.  Gladstone staff will monitor your student’s progress through the year, and will be in touch if they are off-pace. Parents/Guardians will be able to view your student’s progress and pacing in real time.

How do I know what/how my student is doing online?
You are able to log-in as a parent to your student’s PLP account.  Orientation on September 14 will provide information on how to do this.  Grades/progress will be visible through the platform consistently, and will be visible in ParentVue when entered at the end of a term.

My child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Will they be supported?
Yes, your child’s IEP is still in effect.  Special education staff are working with PLP teachers to address unique learning needs and provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE).  You can expect to hear from special education staff about supports available for your child within the first week.

Will my high school student earn grades and credit toward graduation?
Yes. Grades will be posted in ParentVue at the end of each term and will be part of the student’s official transcript.

Whom should I contact with questions about Online School?
To ask questions or arrange for assistance, contact Theresa Schmidt at or phone: 503.656.6564, extension 265.  Please know that the platform is new to us, and bear with us as we seek answers to your questions, especially in the first few weeks. Thanks for your patience.