Culture of Care

In each Gladstone school, The goal is to create a safe, calming, inclusive, and welcoming school community.

Gladstone Center for Children & Families, kindergarten students focus on social/emotional learning and character traits. Positive Behavior Intervention & Support strategies lay the foundation for success throughout school years.

John Wetten Elementary’s Culture of Care starts with morning meetings in each classroom. This helps students connect in positive ways, helps them learn social-emotional skills, and builds a supportive and unified classroom community. Organized games at recess provide ways for students to be included in group activities. Our Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports programs emphasize a culture that is safe, respectful, and responsible by working to notice and celebrate students’ good behavior and help those who struggle to set and meet their goals. The school’s new Skills Learning Center provides a quiet, calm space for students to learn self-regulation skills.

Kraxberger Middle School has advisory periods at the start of each school day provide an opportunity to build social/emotional skills and get students focused on the day ahead. The Student Wellness Center provides a quiet, calm space for students who are building self-regulation skills.

Gladstone High’s Student Senate works constantly to promote positive interactions and to recognize students in a variety of ways. They organize Unity Week to bring people together to celebrate the unique strengths each individual brings to our school community. They plan Spirit Week in ways that engage and involve as many students as possible. They also plan assemblies and talent shows to celebrate a broad spectrum of student activities and achievements.