Interdistrict Transfers

If you live in a different school district but want to transfer your child into Gladstone Schools, here’s how to apply for an inter-district transfer:

1)  Request an application form and deliver it to the Gladstone School District Office at 17789 Webster Road.  There is no deadline for transfers into Gladstone. Applications are approved on a first come first served basis.  Transfers approved are good through the student’s graduation, with continued enrollment, and no need for reapplication each year. For more information, call Natalie Weninger at 503.496.3935.

2)  In addition, you must contact your resident home school district to request a release from your district .  Gladstone Schools cannot admit you without a release from your home district. There may be a deadline or lottery in your home district.

If you wish to transfer out of Gladstone Schools, contact Natalie Weninger at 503.496.3935.